Saturday, February 05, 2005

Sunni Side Up

As I wrote earlier, co-opting the Sunni tribal and clan leadership into the political process will decimate the terrorist ranks, leaving only the hard-core nihilists to fight. Well then, this is good news:

Influential Sunni Arab leaders of a boycott of last Sunday's elections expressed a new willingness Friday to engage the coming Iraqi government and play a role in writing the constitution, in what may represent a strategic shift in thinking among mainstream anti-occupation groups. ...

A meeting Thursday at the home of a Sunni elder statesman that brought together some largely Sunni groups, including those that boycotted the elections, produced an agreement to participate in drafting the constitution, "without condition," said Nadhmi, one of those in attendance. ...

The shift in thinking appears to have arisen from a calculation that the election may have created a new dynamic in Iraq, as the country slowly moves past an emphasis on the U.S. occupation and more toward the blueprint of a future state.

There are more and more reasons to be optimistic about Iraq, at least in the short term.

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