Monday, February 07, 2005

Saudi TV: They Hate, You Decide

As a preview to tomorrow night's Frontline on Saudi Arabia, here are two videos from MEMRI TV. Transcripts are available from the links but I encourage you to view the clips instead. Some stuff you have to see to believe.

The first is a compilation of clips from the past year, a sort of Great Moments in Hate. It includes several Saudis, from the royal family on down, who blame the Saudi insurgency on Zionism and/or Jews. (Up til now I thought Jamie Farr's Sheikh from Cannonball Run was an ethnic parody but I swear one of the guys in that video look just like him.)

The second is from an February 3, 2005 interview with Saudi cleric Musa al-Qarni, an ideologue of jihad. It includes such quotes as "The Jews and Christians are Allah's enemies." He also prays for the success of jihad in Iraq. This is after the Iraqi election, by the way. And, lest we forget, these fanatical parasites are our allies. I have to go throw up now.

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