Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Rules of Disengagement

Ariel 'The Bulldozer' Sharon signed the law today authorizing the forced evacuation of thousands of Israelis from Gaza and four communities in northern Samaria. Sharon now faces threats from the Right as well as a movement among Jewish soldiers not to participate in the forced evacuation.

Of course for all the personal and political risk that Sharon is facing it's not enough for the PA which described the Gaza pullout as "insufficient."

The real news here is the precedent the evacuation will set. Remember, despite all the 'international pressure,' the Israelis in Gaza have not broken any Israeli law. For better or worse, Israelis are being forced from their legal homes for political reasons. (I happen to think this is the right move for Israel but that's irrelevant.) The logical outsome of this precedent was articulated by Knesset Member Arieh Eldad.

Arabs who celebrate the expulsion of Jews by other Jews in the framework of the "disengagement" plan could be the next to be expelled. "The same rules that allow the expulsion of Jews now could lead to the expulsion of Arabs in the future," he said.


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