Tuesday, February 22, 2005

News from Gaza

Violence in Gaza and Jenin.

In Gaza City, masked gunmen kidnapped and murdered a senior officer with the Palestinian Authority's Military Intelligence Force. ... A few hours later, the slain officer's friends and relatives burned tires and closed streets with sand barriers, disrupting traffic.

In another incident, gunmen kidnapped and later released the director of the library at the American University near Jenin. The gunmen told him that had mistaken him for the dean of the law faculty, Dr. Amin Dawwas, who they were planning to kill.
In response, the university administration suspended studies indefinitely and called on PA Chairman Mamoud Abbas to intervene to end the state of lawlessness and chaos in the West Bank.

Meanwhile Israel is moving to disarm Jewish settlers in Gaza.

Israeli police said Tuesday they would disarm Jewish militants who threaten violence ahead of a Gaza pullout and assign nearly all its field officers to evacuate settlers and control protests -- signs of mounting concern the withdrawal could turn bloody.

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