Saturday, February 05, 2005

"I Am Sorry For Everything I Have Done."

Sometimes 'sorry' isn't enough. Terrorists in Iraq get a taste of their own medicine. From today's NYT:

(T)he Iraqi Interior Ministry and the Mosul police chief are turning the tables on the insurgency here in the north by using a tactic - videotaped messages - that the insurgents have used time and again as they have terrorized the region with kidnappings and executions.
But this time the videos, which are being broadcast on a local station, carry an altogether different message, juxtaposing images of the masked killers with the cowed men they become once captured.

I'll buy the DVD of Zarqawi's confession for $19.95. The Interior Ministry could sell a greatest confessions collection, "Terrorists Gone Humble." Might be a nice revenue stream for them.

However, the Times can't help itself. Old habits die hard. The next paragraph is comical, a self-parody of all that is wrong with a certain worldview.

The broadcast of such videos raises questions about whether they violate legal or treaty obligations about the way opposing fighters are interrogated and how their confessions are made public.

The Times staff are such ninnies. Treaty obligations? When did we, or the Iraqis, sign treaties with Ba'athists and jihadists? Did I miss an episode? Please people. Grow up. I'm with the Iraqi authorities on this.

"Because of their confessions and the disgusting things they did, we have reached our limit," said the Mosul police chief, Ahmed al-Jaburi. "There is no more patience." "These are men who do not fear God," an Interior Ministry official said at the beginning of one of the segments this week. ... "Our special forces will crush their filthy heads!"

(Crushing heads? This raises the interesting possibility that Iraqi Interior Ministry officials are Kids in the Hall fans.)

Rock on Interior Ministry! Of course Human Rights Watch whines and bitches and blah, blah, blah but it's so hard to take these people seriously. They are worse than naive. It's a willful disregard for reality. Aren't millions starving in North Korea and dying in Sudan? Don't they have anything even slightly more important to complain about?

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