Thursday, February 10, 2005

Europe to Iran: We're Okay with Your Nukes

On the same day that the North Koreas admitted they have nuclear weapons, I read this quote in today's NYT, about Secretary Rice's visit to France.
"I told her that it is my sense that public opinion in Europe, and maybe even elected officials, are ready to accept the idea that Iran may have some kind of nuclear weapons capability with some limitations," said Nicole Bacharan, an expert on the United States at the Institute of Political Studies.
What exactly are "some kind" of nuclear weapons? I thought there was pretty much one kind, the kind that level cities and kill people. And what kind of limitations can she be talking about? If the mullahs are going to build the things why would they recognize any limitations at all?
For his part, Mr. Parmentier said he told her, "We in Europe believe that it is more likely the regime would fall if we are opening up to Iranian society rather than closing off."
Really? I remember everyone saying just the opposite about South Africa in the 80s. We weren't going to play Sun City, right? Boycott South Africa bumper stickers were everywhere. Universities and governments divested from the South African economy because no one wanted to support apartheid. Yet now the Europeans want to "open up" to a tyrannical regime bent on building nukes. What's the logic behind this?

I prefer Bush's simple statement, "Don't develop a nuclear weapon." It would be a shame if someone blew up your R&D facilities in the middle of the night. Actually no, it wouldn't be a shame.

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