Thursday, February 03, 2005

Democratic Failure Pays

If you haven't been reading The New Republic since the presidential election you missed some good stuff. The highlight was a long response to the Kerry defeat by the editor Peter Beinart titled "A Fighting Faith." I think these quotes sum up the piece.

"Today, three years after September 11 brought the United States face-to-face with a new totalitarian threat, liberalism has still not "been fundamentally reshaped" by the experience. On the right, a "historical re-education" has indeed occurred--replacing the isolationism of the Gingrich Congress with George W. Bush and Dick Cheney's near-theological faith in the transformative capacity of U.S. military might. But American liberalism, as defined by its activist organizations, remains largely what it was in the 1990s--a collection of domestic interests and concerns. ... (snip) ...

When liberals talk about America's new era, the discussion is largely negative--against the Iraq war, against restrictions on civil liberties, against America's worsening reputation in the world. ...
(P)ost-September 11 liberalism has produced leaders and institutions--most notably Michael Moore and MoveOn--that do not put the struggle against America's new totalitarian foe at the center of their hopes for a better world. As a result, the Democratic Party boasts a ... grassroots that views America's new struggle as a distraction, if not a mirage."

It's a good essay. He received a lot of praise and flack for it. Now kausfiles says he's getting about $600K from HarperCollins to expand that into a book. Holy jackpot! Democratic failure pays handsomely. He's quitting his gig at The New Republic (which is notorious for paying starvation wages). The book is due out next year.

To all the guys at HarperCollins, Doubleday and the rest of America's publishing establishment - I'll expand any of my rants into an essay for $60. For six-figures I'll, well, let's just say my opinions are very flexible. Call me.

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