Monday, February 07, 2005

Coincidence in Switzerland?

“From the outset, the assailants were interested in the safe,” (Spanish Foreign Minister) Vazquez said in Madrid. “The contents of the safe are secure.”

What could be in the safe besides money, passports and visas? Could the mysterious robbery attempt at the Spanish consulate in Berne have anything to do with this?

The Swiss authorities announced on Friday that they had agreed to extradite to Spain Mohamed Achraf, the 31-year old Algerian who is suspected of being the mastermind behind a planned attack on the National Court in Madrid.

Or was it even a robbery? The Spanish seem certain, but what the hell do they know? "It could have been anything, from a break-in to a classical, planned hostage-taking,” Major Peter Theilkaes leader of the Berne police operation said.

An interesting coincidence that the Swiss announced the extradition on Friday and the Spanish consulate in the Swiss capital is attacked on Monday. Am I being paranoid?

If there was something besides money in the consulate, documents, communications between the Swiss and the Spanish about the extradiction perhaps, then that would explain the absurd risk the attackers took that I wrote about in my original post.

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