Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Breaking News: Puppies Eaten by CNN Reporters

My wife and I attended a discussion Atlanta Humane Forum. During the discussion Jordan Eason, the Chief Executive of the A.H.F., asserted that she knew of at least 12 puppies who have been eaten by CNN reporters. She repeated this a few times. Some of the anti-puppy activists in the audience applauded.

My wife and I were disturbed but we could not directly question Ms. Eason. She seemed to back peddle quickly but her unproven assertions, made without evidence, were quickly backed by other members of the audience. The ensuing debate was a real "poo-poo storm."

When pressed, Jordan Eason wavered back and forth. Many in the audience applauded. I'm not sure what she was trying to say but she was quite passionate about it.

Without more evidence or documentation of any kind, even just the names of the reporters or the breed of puppies they are alledged to have eaten, it's hard to make a fair (and balanced) judgment. But what was said cannot be unsaid and what was eaten cannot be uneaten.

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