Friday, January 21, 2005

Why the Socialists are Bad for the Left

The Dems want to have it both ways with the extreme Left. They want to use their organizations to get votes but they don't want to be tainted by their ideology. It don't work that way pal.

Here's an article from The New Republic, a liberal magazine that supported Kerry. The author attended an International Socialist Organization-sponsored gathering by the name of "Town Hall: Empire and Resistance."

What did he find? But the more I heard, the more I became convinced that I had discovered something truly threatening: This band of socialists was the most effective recruiting tool for the Republican Party I'd ever encountered.

How so? The posters on the walls read, MONEY FOR JOBS AND EDUCATION, NOT FOR WAR AND OCCUPATION. The speakers said things like, "We ain't never resolved NOTHING through an election."

The speaker was dismissing something that Afghanis of all ages had recently risked their lives to participate in, something Iraq's insurgents view as so transformative that they are murdering scores of Iraqis to prevent it.

It got worse. The final speaker was from the "editorial board of International Socialist Review." She talked, and talked, and talked; terms like "architects of the slaughter," "war criminal," and "Noam Chomsky" wafted about the room; and my eyes grew so bleary that I ceased taking notes. But then she brought up the insurgents in Iraq. Sure they were bad, she admitted: "No one cheers the beheading of journalists." But, she continued, they had a "right" to rebel against occupation. Then she read from a speech by the activist Arundhati Roy: "Of course, [the Iraqi resistance] is riddled with opportunism, local rivalry, demagoguery, and criminality. But if we were to only support pristine movements, then no resistance will be worthy of our purity."

First, "our purity?" Beware of people who use terms like "our purity" because they are also talking about 'impurity' and the inevitable 'cleansing' it implies. Whether racial, religious or ideological, 'group purity' is a dangerous concept. Lots of bad things flow from that idea. Lots of barbed wire and flames.

Funny though because otherwise that's how I feel about the War in Iraq. Of course there were mistakes and missed opportunities; it was riddled with institutional rivalry and backbiting; it suffered from bad planning, poor planning and in some cases no planning. But if I was only to supporty a perfect effort to create Arab democracy then no effort would be worth supporting.

The Dems need to cut these people off. Ostracize them. Treat them like the political toxins that they are. Don't try to reason with them or try persuade them to join the "Progressive Coalition." I will not support a Democratic candidate who tolerates these views just as I wouldn't support a Republican candidate who tolerates the views of the militia-men or Stormfront.


Blogger reverse_vampyr said...

That last line of your post was pure gold! It's so maddening that those on the Left don't see how extreme their party has become. If the RNC was hosting a town hall meeting which promoted the views of a "white power" group, I'm sure the Dems wound be all over it. But when the flip side happens in their own party, for some reason that escapes detection by the majority of liberals.

Anyhow, great post. Keep it up!

10:50 AM  
Blogger The Exile said...

>>What did he find? But the more I heard, the more I became convinced that I had discovered something truly threatening: This band of socialists was the most effective recruiting tool for the Republican Party I'd ever encountered.>>

Sshhh! You're giving away our secret.

I admire you for actually standing up for the increasingly small moderate segment of the Democrat party.

Your wisdom on the "purity" issue is especially appreciated. Remember, Nazi stood for National Socialist party. They were socialists, but somehow they got branded as a "right-wing" party. I still don't get that.

You are correct. The longer your party embraces and Michael Moore, the longer you will be out of power. Now that the Right's message can get oout via the internet, talk radio, etc., the mainstream media can no longer hide things like Rathergate.

Granted, as a Republican, I'd love to see the Democrat party crash and burn. But as an American, this shift of Democrats to the extreme "conspiracy theory" Left can't be good for this country. Extremists have a bad habit of starting revolutions.

9:40 PM  

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