Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Saudi Arabia Bans Text Voting for TV Show

This one is odd. "Saudi Arabia's main mobile phone operator has banned its customers from voting by text message in a hit reality television show because it fails to "match the values" of the conservative Muslim kingdom." The story does not say how text voting is against the "values" of Saudi Arabia.

Reality shows may be a hit but they are a far cry from ours. (Reality shows in the U.S. are pure sewage. I'm sure Saudi versions are just a different kind of sewage.)

"Islamists forced an Arabic satellite network in 2004 to scrap filming in Bahrain of an Arab version of the reality television show Big Brother because it involved unrelated men and women living under the same roof, ... even though the producers had modified the show with separate living quarters for men and women." Draw your own conclusions about that.


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