Sunday, January 09, 2005

Photo of the Year

I got this from Getty Images, here. I created this close-up because I think this is priceless. It should be on the cover of a magazine. Truly worth a thousand words.

What has bin Laden done for this asshole? Nothing. Zero. What has the infidel West done for him? Let's see, how about saved his life and the lives of hundreds of thousands or possibly millions of Muslims who would have died of starvation and/or disease without assistance. Not the U.N. Not the Saudis. Not al Qaeda. Not the great Muslim ummah. The Christian crusader West spent a fortune and used their militaries to deliver the aid that prevented further suffering and death.

But wait, aren't those militaries supposed to be waging a war against Islam?

Do you think this guy ever wonders why the hated West does this? The answer of course is that we are compelled by our religious values to help those in such dire need, regardless of their religion. The Saudis raised more money for Palestinian suicide bombers last year than they have pledged for their fellow Muslim victims of the tsunami. What does that tell you about their values?


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