Friday, January 21, 2005

"Peaceniks" Attack Protester

From the Washington Post, a perfect example of what happens when people have no ideas left. They fight with their fists and feet like the common street thugs they are.

"Ten minutes after telling his fellow protesters to stay safe, Gil Kobrin lay huddled in the slush and mud as two anarchists repeatedly kicked him in the back."

Kobrin was part of the Protest Warrior group in D.C. yesterday. They held signs that read "Say no to war unless a Democrat is president" and "Not to brag, but Bush won, so shove it!" A peaceful group of 13 people amid a crowd of anti-Bush protesters. After exchanging insults with "a self-described anarchist, dressed all in black with a bandana covering his face" Kobrin was thrown to the cold ground and kicked. Marshalls pulled the anarchists away and the Protest Warriors moved on.

"I expected it, but I didn't expect to be kicked in the back," Kobrin said later. His boyish, twentysomething face wore a wry smile and he stood upright, but conceded that he was in some pain.

Nice. I have to hand it to the Protest Warriors, they have shown remarkable discipline when facing these violent bastards. More than I would have. I seen several videos of their exploits and I've never seen or heard of them fighting back with force. Very Ghandi. Sooner or later though one of them will be seriously hurt or killed. Then all hell will break loose.

Funny thing though. I don't remember ever seeing self-described Brownshirts protesting Clinton. Or protesting anything. Despite the misuse and overuse of the word 'fascist' by the Left I don't recall seeing any actual fascists, much less violent ones with their faces covered beating up hippies on the Mall. What does that tell you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wimpiest warmongers, ever!

6:40 PM  

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