Thursday, January 20, 2005

Mother of Soldier Killed in Iraq at ANSWER Rally

The mother of a soldier who died in Iraq is wearing a shirt that reads, "President Bush: You Killed My Son." I sympathize with these women. Several of them have spoken at the Stalinist rally. Their children have been killed and they are grief-striken. But I think they are displacing their anger onto Bush and the Republicans because that is politically acceptable. They get a podium. People listen to them when they yell about Bush being a criminal, about bringing the troops home now.

However, what if they didn't blame Bush? What if they blamed the terrorists? What if they called for a more aggressive war? What if they blamed the radical imams and the Syrians and the Iranian mullahs? What if they had even more radical things to say? Where is the platform for that? Where is the crowd to applaud them?

There is none. Even the "war mongering neocons" don't have such rallies. It's simply not acceptable to gather together a few hundred people and chant about bombing Syria. At least not yet.


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