Tuesday, January 11, 2005

"Is that what the left now stands for? Neo-fascism, so long as it is anti-western?"

From an interesting British site, Labor Friends of Iraq.org. Gay Leftist and human rights advocate Peter Tatchell writes in his column, "The left’s retreat from universal human rights"

"Motivated more by hatred of the US and British governments than by love for the Iraqi people, many so-called leftists support a “resistance” that, if victorious, would bring to power Baathists, Islamic fundamentalists and pro-al-Qaeda militants. Is that what the left now stands for? Neo-fascism, so long as it is anti-western?
The threat of being labeled "Islamophobic" is inducing a new wave of moral paralysis, as evidenced by the way most leftists ignore the role of fundamentalist Islam in the genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan, where racist Islamists are exterminating the black African population.

We see similar double standards in Britain when many left-wingers fail to speak out against the sexism and homophobia of organisations like the Muslim Council of Britain, the Islamic Human Rights Commission and the Muslim Association of Britain.

Sections of the left now openly tolerate – and even seek to excuse - attacks on human rights by Muslim fundamentalists, when they would never tolerate similar attacks by fundamentalist Christians or Jews. This is a patronizing inverse racism. It judges Muslims by different standards than it judges others

I take issue with the charge of 'inverse racism.' Tatchell is such a leftist that he cannot see that Islam has nothing to do with race. Muslims, like Christians, are of every race on earth, from the palest blond Swedes to all manner of Asians to the darkest brunett Africans. To confuse race and religion only plays into the hands of those who would protect Islamists by labelling their critics 'racist.' Muslims are not a race. Make a note.


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