Sunday, January 30, 2005

Eating Their Words

The Left should be celebrating a huge triumph for democracy over its declared enemies. However many on the Left spent the past week pissing all over an election that had not even happened yet. For example, The Nation, posted a rather pre-emptive editorial on 1/20, "Iraq's Lost Election." The Nation thinks Fallujah was 'destroyed.' Someone better tell these people.

Mother Jones posted an article on January 26, "Iraqi Elections: The Facade ," which contained this gem, "The popular wisdom in town is that the 275 assembly members have already been chosen." Really? Popular wisdom, eh? Is that why people in wheelchairs waited in line to vote? I get it. People braved the killers and brought their children to the polls when it was popular wisdom that the assembly was already chosen. I can believe that a) millions of Iraqis risked their lives, danced in the streets, smiled, cried, clapped and sang for participating in a "facade;" or b) that the hack at Mother Jones was finding the "popular wisdom" between his ass-cheeks. Let me think about that.

Or how about Dilip Haro at Alternet who, like the Nation, has visions of the future. His January 29 post, "Iraq's Electoral Cul-de-sac", noted this. "One insurgent leader in Baghdad claimed that his resistance cells had stockpiled extra amounts of rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) and missiles, which they had prepositioned in places where they will be able to hit the polling centers known to them." Didn't quite turn out that way. I wonder if Dilip is disappointed?

Here's another. "The Projected Winner in Iraq: Failure" by Edwin Black at a site mis-named Common Dreams. Somehow Mr. Black intuited what the people of Iraq want and don't want. "The people of Iraq have never wanted Western-style pluralistic democracy or elections." Sure. That's why millions voted, because they want the world and Mr. Black, to know that they have never wanted democracy or elections. Right. I guess this woman is a victim of false consciousness. And these women. And she must be delusional, eh Edwin.

But some people agree with the defeatists. I wonder if they subscribe to the Nation?

Update: Wizbang found another horse's ass.
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Blogger Robert Lindsay said...

Obviously I don't agree with much you say (though do agree with some, believe it or not). I must say, though, you are doing a DAMN FINE job of covering Iraq, especially these elections. And your characterization of the resistance as "fascist" is unfortunately not totally off the mark. :(

This whole nonsense about "liberals" or "the Left" "wanting the elections to fail" or apparently "cheering on the polling place bombers" is so much tripe. Do you know any liberals or Leftists? I hang around there people all day and I hardly hear anyone say that. I met one guy who supported attacking the polling places, but he is an actual Communist, so what do you expect. Straw men, straw men, straw men, straw men.

1:51 AM  

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