Tuesday, December 14, 2004

More Terror Attack Warnings - Merry Christmas

First, there was this warning from a British firm last Friday, focusing on shipping. "Al Qaida is set to stage a waterborne September 11-style attack in the next 12 months," warns "Aegis Defence Services, the British firm ... that holds a 293 million dollar US government contract to provide "security services" in Iraq."

Maybe an attack is not likely to succeed. But keep reading, infidel. "Simply capturing a ship on the key Red Sea route between Europe and Asia could cause a world trade crisis. And an attempt can be expected following the recent appointment of maritime terror specialist Saud Hamund Al-Utaibi as head of al Qaida in Saudi Arabia." Al-Utaibi is thought to be involved in the bombing on the USS Cole.

Then comes this long piece from DEBKAfile. Granted DEBKA has a mixed record but on the whole I think their info is better than not. "At the beginning of December, Washington warned Jerusalem and Cairo of a planned major al Qaeda attack in one of their cities – possibly even with chemical weapons." Then this detail which ties into the article above. "In addition, the Americans and the British warned Israel and Egypt to beware of large-scale maritime strikes in the Mediterranean, Gulf of Aqaba, the Red Sea or the Suez Canal." Obviously some people are very concerned about the Suez. DEBKA has been warning about Al-Qaeda in the Sinai for several months. DEBKA thinks that the attack in Jeddah earlier this month was a success from Al-Qaeda's perspective.

Add this to the German newspaper warning from earlier in the week. There seems to be a lot of activity out there. There will be an attack somewhere soon. But, sadly, that's like predicting it will rain somewhere soon. The questions is which somewhere and how soon.


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