Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Indonesian Killer Urges Credit Card Fraud

An Indonesian jihadist thug convicted of the infamous Bali blast that killed 202 people wrote an autobiography providing details on how other jihadists can commit credit card fraud to fund their evil plans. Of course the autobiography is available online. Sort of Mein Kampf for Islamist hackers. And I love the ironic title, Me Against the Terrorist!. The exclamation point gives it holy war street cred.

'Internet crime experts said Samudra's book seems unprecedented as a tool for recruiting radical Muslims into a campaign of online fraud and building networks of fundraisers.

'"The worry is that an army of people doing cybercrime could raise a great deal of money for other activities that terrorists are carrying out," said Alan Paller, research director of the Sans Institute, a U.S. Internet-security training company.'

Remind me again why he isn't dead?


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