Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Religious War Comes to Holland

Remarkable that one of the most secular countries in the Europe is the first place in the West to the witness the manifestation of this Religious War.

The anti-Islamist arsonists strike in revenge for van Gogh. Suspected arsonists set an Islamic elementary school on fire Tuesday ... Firefighters struggled to extinguish the flames at the burning Bedir school in the southern town of Uden, where someone had scrawled "Theo Rest in Peace" in the building ...

And the anti-Christian (presumably Muslim) arsonists strike at churches. Arsonists attempted to burn down Protestant churches in Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amersfoort in apparent retaliation for the bombing of a Muslim elementary school in Eindhoven on Monday

When will the Dutch authorities get a handle on this? So far no one has been killed or injured. As soon as someone else dies in these revenge attacks look for the violence to really escalate.

Earlier today van Gogh's funeral service was broadcast on national television. A thousand people gathered outside the crematorium to watch the service on a large screen. "It is time for the silent majority to speak out because the fundamental rules of our society are at stake," Bram Peper, a former mayor of Rotterdam, told the funeral service.

Meanwhile Muslims gathered to condemn "extremism" and call for "unity." About 60 young Dutch Muslims wearing orange T-shirts reading "We won't put up with extremism any more" cycled through Amsterdam stopping at mosques to protest against the murder. Stop the presses infidel. That's right 60 Muslims. Amsterdam alone has tens of thousands of Muslims. Not an inspiring turnout.


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