Wednesday, November 17, 2004

RantWear Shut Down!

All my images have been deemed offensive and prohibited. Even the URL to this blog somehow violates Cafe Press's policies. I emailed my concerns but as of this post everything is prohibited. So your thinking, "RW, you created a bunch of sophmoric and insulting crap. Of course they are going to deem your stuff offensive. They are a corporation. They don't want to get involved in insulting people or hosting images that may offend people." And you're right. They wouldn't.

Expect for this bumper sticker that says, "Proud Parent of an Islamic Jihad Martyr." That's not offensive.

Or this product which says "Burn This Book" next to a picture of the Bible. How long do you think the same product would last if it referred to the Koran? Ten minutes?

Or any one of these twenty products asking "Who Would Jesus Bomb?" That wouldn't offend anyone, would it? Just to jerk around with the Cafe Press pinheads I will create some products tonight, just like these, but asking the more pertinent questions, "Who Would Muhammed Bomb?" and "Who Would Allah Bomb?" How long will they last? Place your bets people.


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