Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Kerry Concedes. It's Over. The Dems Must Change or Disappear.

I hope the Dems wake up and change. Or collapse and something is rebuilt from the ashes. I voted for Bush, the first time in my life I voted Republican. As you may know I am not quite a one issue voter but very close. I’m not against gay marriage but I understand and sympathize with those who are. And I ask why America should become the first society in human history to codify that? What’s the hurry? It’s more complex and yes, nuanced, than pro-gay marriage advocates assume. Same with stem cell research. It is not currently illegal just not federally funded. On these issues I am a classic ‘conservative’; I want to go slow with such profound change and show a certain respect for tradition. Greens and Europeans worry about genetically modified food but they want lots of federal dollars for stem cell research? C’mon. There is a lot I don’t like about Bush but I am convinced that he has beliefs and he is obviously willing to take the heat for a cause he thinks is important. Kerry kept saying he would hunt down and kill the terrorists and I simply didn’t believe him.

I am continually stunned by the behavior of the Democratic Party and their candidates. They got what they deserved. I agree with them on many things but they all but pushed me out the door. They have become tone-deaf to the American character. I put much of the blame for the loss on Kerry. The Dems may have lost in any case but Kerry was terrible. Repeat terrible. To my mind he had no redeeming values whatsoever. He was like a parody of a Democratic candidate, a ponderous, wooden wonk who’s only recognizable personality trait is naked ambition. He can win debates but not elections.

The Dem’s whole approach to this election, the anger, the pessimism, the not-so-subtle appeal to foreigners (for me the best part of the Bush victory is giving the finger to the Euro-leftist and the BBC; and tactically supporting Blair) made someone like me turn them off very early. I was repulsed when they criticized the Wars in Afghanistan & Iraq from every angle rather than offering a consistent approach. "We don’t have enough troops but let’s bring them home." "Let’s blame Bush for letting terrorists get a hold of powerful explosives that a) we argued weren’t there & b) the UN let Saddam have." Kerry would have done “everything” differently? What kind of shit is that? I kept waiting for a Clintonesque moment (Sister Souljah-style) when Kerry criticized the UN or the IAEA or Michael Moore or somebody besides Bush. But it never came. Kerry lacks both the imagination and the balls for that. I don't need a President who can debate but I do need someone with balls and imagination.

Stupid, stupid people holding hands. Stupid, stupid people laughing.” That has become the theme song for much of the Democratic party. How do you expect people to vote for you if they know that you think they are stupid? (Answer: they don't vote for you.) It’s like that Jeanne Garafolo quote about how everyone is being lied to. The blanket condescention, the wholesale assumption that most Americans are stupid and easily lead is an acid coroding the foundation of the Democratic party. Among some elites it is an unspoken given that the majority of Americans are dangerous quasi-fascist religious fanatics. How can they begin to complete in a democratic society with that inbred attitude?

Currently they can't.


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