Wednesday, November 10, 2004

"I am going to behead you"

More on the Dutch anti-terrorist raid and siege. An inhabitant of the sealed-off Laak quarter told NOS he heard one suspect shout, "I am going to behead you" at what the resident called a police negotiator. ...

Dozens of anti-riot squad busses were parked in the roads around the building. ... Other witnesses told NOS radio that police sharpshooters had taken up positions on nearby rooftops.

Nearby residents told ANP news agency they were jolted awake by a huge blast. "It was like a war movie being played out in front of my house," said Sylvia Cordia, 42. She told ANP a first blast came from a boobytrap attached to a door, then a grenade was thrown before police and suspects exchanged gunfire.

Snipers, boobytraps, threats to behead negotiators: this is the future of other European countries if they dare to resist Islamism. Watch closely France and Germany. Take notes.


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