Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Dutch Special Forces in Stand-Off in the Hague

Things are heating up quickly. The police are all over a suburb on the Hague. Three police officers were injured by an explosion.

The members of the specialist arrest team were injured by a hand grenade when they attempted to carry out an anti-terrorist raid on a building in The Hague in the early hours of Wednesday morning. ... Police immediately sealed of the area after the explosion.

People heard gunfire around 3am. Residents near the area have been evacuated. A no-fly zone has also been introduced over the city.

Dutch blogger Zacht Ei says Even more police have arrived in The Hague from Amsterdam and all over the country. I don't think I've seen this much police in one location ever before.

My head is spinning with the speed of events. In the past 8 days the Dutch have witnessed the assassination of van Gogh, an explosion at an Islamic elementary school, numerous firebombing and arson attacks against mosques and churches, threats from internal and external Islamic groups, and now a paramilitary siege in the Hague. Stay tuned.


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