Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Dutch Director Shot and Killed in the Streets of Amsterdam

You may remember a Dutch film created by a Member of Parliment who is a refugee from Somalia and a Dutch director. The short film displayed quotes from the Koran onto the bodies of Muslim women as a criticism of Islamic approved domestic violence. Both the director, Theo van Gogh, and the MP, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, have been threatened by Islamists.

The threats were not idle. Van Gogh was shot and stabbed in Amsterdam on Tuesday morning.

"Van Gogh was shot and stabbed at the front door of the city council office on the Linnaeusstraat in Amsterdam around 9am.

He managed to get to the other side of the street where he was again shot and stabbed. He died at the scene."

The suspect was apprehended after a shootout with police that injured one person and a police officer. An Islamic text may have been left on the body but I haven't seen any confirmation of that.

I haven't seen the film, just some stills from it. The whole thing should be available on the internet in a few weeks. I'll post a link when it is up. Everyone should watch. A man gave his life for it.


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