Thursday, November 11, 2004

Dutch Convert Arrested. Church Bombings Continue

A discouraging story from Expatica. Police arrested two people yesterday after that siege in the Hague. One of those arrested was Jason W., a 19-year-old Dutch native who converted to Islam. Meanwhile arson attacks churches continued in Utrecht and Rotterdam. I saw on PBS last week that half the population of Rotterdam are foreign born, meaning Moroccan, Turkish, or Algerian.

I am particularly struck by the convert. Apparently he is a Dutch native who fought the Dutch police during a 14-hour standoff. Think about that. He sided with the enemies of Dutch society. He has become a combatant against the Dutch state. And he's freaking Dutch! How long until these native European converts go that extra step and start bombing soft targets in European cities? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Update: Zacht Ei, who has become indespensible on this story, reports that there were two native Dutch converts to Islam among the seven people arrested thus far. And these two are brothers.


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