Friday, October 29, 2004

The League of United Nations

Martin Peretz, publisher of the New Republic and a serious Bush critic writes, "John Kerry speaks, not unfairly, of George W. Bush's habits of denial. But Kerry himself is in denial. He is in denial about the United Nations."

"The United Nations is bloated and corrupt, and its putrescence extends to the secretary-general's very family and his inner office."

It may be based in New York and with its pretentions of global importance look into the future, but the UN is haunted by an all-too-familiar past. "Yet, intrinsically and practically, it is following the path of the League of Nations. The League couldn't protect the rights of national minorities in the multiethnic states established at Versailles. And, in a sense, the U.N.'s culpability is even greater, since it often has a presence in the countries where the killings take place. As hundreds of thousands of noncombatants are slaughtered, the United Nations watches on the ground and dithers in New York while its diplomats dine out on their importance at the city's elegant salons and eateries."

Which brings me to the "scandal" of the week - the missing explosives. Of course the military should have secured that site. They should have secured a lot of sites. But for Kerry to claim that now the explosives are in the hands of our enemies is a load of crap. The explosives were in the hands of our enemies for years. Hussein was our enemy. What's more this is a perfect example of the failure of a "global test." The League of United Nations inspectors could have destroyed those weapons 8 years ago. The Clinton administration asked them to. But Hans Blix refused. He just padlocked the site and went home.

Rather than 400,000 tons of explosives at the disposal of the Hussein family, there are X number of tons missing and presumed in the hands of unknown terrorists, Baathists or Zarqawi and his band of serial killers. Don't get me wrong, any explosives in the control of murderous jihadists is too much. I'd rather they only had spitballs and rubber bands. But for Kerry to say that now our enemies have these weapons is fantastic nonsense.

Who does Kerry think put the explosives in that bunker? The Hussein military. Where did the money comes from? The Oil-for-Bribes program run by Kofi's family and buddies. Who inspected the site and knew about these weapons for years? The IAEA and that toady al-Baradei (not to mention Kerry's cousin, Brice Lelond, works for the IAEA). Who visited the site and cataloged the explosives but refused to destroy them? Blix. Note that "Bush" is not the answer to any of these questions. He was governor of Texas at the time. Kerry was a US Senator. Where are the records of his concern for the explosives in 1998? 2000? Where are the records of him criticizing the League of United Nations Oil-for-Food program that purchased weapons and bribed public and provite officials aroud the world, but especially in France and Russia? I haven't seen or heard a single peep from the man or his advisors on these issues.

Look, Bush may deserve blame for not instructing the military to secure the sites. But there is plenty of blame to go around, going back years and years. I'd like to see Kerry or any democrat blame somebody else for a change.


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