Friday, October 15, 2004

"Hey, You Can't Load that in Here."

Headlines from WaPo, "Europeans to Offer Inducements to Iran".

[T]"hey intend to offer Iran a package of inducements next week in hopes of persuading Iran to halt nuclear weapons development."

Meanwhile, "Russian officials said in Moscow that construction had been completed at the Bushehr nuclear reactor in Iran, and it hoped to sign agreements next month on shipping nuclear fuel to Tehran."

France, Germany and the UK just are following the Standard European Operating Procedure, the nuanced, diplomatic route, which will at best delay the mullahs nuclear development. But Russian is actually building the capacity for the Iranians to create weapons they will use to threaten Russia. In two years (or sooner) when Iran goes nulcear, I don't think they will just turn a blind eye to Russian assaults on fellow Muslims in Chechnya. It's stunning, really.

It reminds me of that scene in the first Terminator when he walks into a gun shop, selects several powerful weapons and asks for some boxes of ammo. The owner is excited, thinking he might close early with this big sale. Then the Terminator starts loading one of the weapons. The hapless owner says, "Hey, you can't load that in here."

Then the Terminator shoots him.


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