Friday, October 29, 2004

Bomb Plot Averted in Spain

"Spanish police have arrested 13 more suspected Islamic extremists in connection with an alleged plot to bomb the country's national court"

Spain has long since pulled its troops out of Iraq. To my knowledge there are not Spanish forces in any muslim nation. But OBL said in his tape today that only countries that attack muslims will be attacked in return, "why we didn't hit Sweden for instance."

So why are they still active in Spain? Today's message is high-grade bullshit. Regardless of any particular policy, regardless of any military action, jihadists will try to kill the infidels. Spain, because it is a former muslim nation. Not Sweden, because Islam and Sweden do not share a history. However they do share a future as migration and birth rates and conversion transform Sweden over the next two generations. Jihadists do not need to attack Sweden. They are confident of a long-term victory there.

This exposes bin Laden's true message: acquiesce or die.


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