Thursday, October 28, 2004

Al-Qaeda Terror Tape in English

ABC News aired snips of the newest terror tape earlier this evening. I don't yet know what to think of it. I've been looking around on the web for the full 75 minute version but it doesn't seem to be available yet. It was released in Pakistan last week, almost certainly timed close to the election. Currently I am of two minds on it.

One, this is a sign of Al Qaeda's operational weakness. Of course they would rather hit us with an attack that with a warning, not matter how articulate and well-produced. They do not have the capability to lauch an attack close to the election so they release this tape as a poor substitute.

Two, the tape is a prelude to a serious attack. Previous attacks have been preceeded by messages from al-Zawahiri or bin Laden. This tape included Arabic subtitles. Do those Arabic subtitles contain key phrases to trigger terrorist cells? Is the tape itself a trigger?

The election is in 4 days.


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