Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Standards? For You, Yes. For Us, No Thanks

Here are the CBS standards. Talk to someone who saw something in the past and make sweeping statements based on this and this alone.

They have Killian's secretary saying that the contents of the memos are accurate although she declares that the actual memos are not authentic. She is remembering events from 30 years ago.

Ok. We have scores if not hundreds of Iraqi scientists, dissidents, and defectors who claim to have seen and worked on Iraqi chemical munitions and biological stockpiles. Not 30 years ago. Not 20 years ago but five years ago. Three years ago. Now sure, we can't find the actual munitions. But the CBS standard doesn't seem to demand actual proof, just the 30 year old memory of one person.

Well, that's the standard for CBS. The standard for you is an authentic and verifiable document trail and/or physical evidence of any and all claims.

Sorry Dan, you flopped. Welcome to Rathergate: Week Two.


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