Tuesday, September 21, 2004

RatherGate 2.0

If you thought the CBS admission that the documents "could not be authenticated" (rather than that they were clearly forged) and Dan's weak apology would end this story then you were wrong. It opened up whole new frontiers. And the story is developing so quickly I don't have time to keep up right now.

Allahpundit links to WaPo, WSJ, and USA Today articles about Burkett and his "source," the shadowy Lucy Rameriz, who Burkett never even met. She transferred the docs to him through a Third Man. Then Burkett burned them.

Things have gotten so bad that Allahpundit feels sorry for Bill. So does Roger Simon who thinks CBS "exploited" him.

... all you can wonder is what was going through the minds of the CBS producers when they trusted this poor man. It is certainly more than possible that Burkett is lying, but it couldn't be more obvious he is a highly disturbed invididual.

Meanwhile, Kerry campaign adviser Joe Lockhart admitted communicating with Burkett just days before CBS aired the story. He is the second Kerry campaign confidant, after Max Cleland, to have some contact with Burkett in the days leading up to this.

The conspiracy theories write themselves.


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