Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Quit Dicking Around with Defeatism

Another must-read column from Christopher Hitchens in Slate. He lambasts the democratic establishment, the Kerry campaign and speifically Teresa Heinz Kerry (or is it Heinz-Kerry?) for the paranoid fantasy that Bush captured bin Laden and will announce it as an 'October Surprise.'

"The unfortunately necessary corollary of this—that bad news for the American cause in wartime would be good for Kerry—is that good news would be bad for him. Thus, in Mrs. Kerry's brainless and witless offhand yet pregnant remark, we hear the sick thud of the other shoe dropping. How can the Democrats possibly have gotten themselves into a position where they even suspect that a victory for the Zarqawi or Bin Laden forces would in some way be welcome to them? Or that the capture or killing of Bin Laden would not be something to celebrate with a whole heart?"

Don't miss the jab at Joe "Puppet" Lockhart. Read the whole thing, you unclean infidel.


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