Saturday, September 11, 2004

Non-forgery News Roundup

If your sick of fonts and typeface and details about the IBM Selectric, here's a roundup of other news.

Mullah Omar to the State Dept in 1998, 2 days after U.S. missiles struck al Qaeda training camps, "He said that in order to rebuild U.S. popularity in the Islamic world and because of his current domestic political difficulties Congress should force President Clinton to resign."

Muslim lawyer demanding sharia in Canada, "Every act of your life is to be governed by [sharia]. If you are not obeying the law, you are not a Muslim. That's all there is to it."

Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder in a speech Friday, "Where America is undoubtedly ahead of us is in a variety of non-material resources - namely a positive attitude, energy and the corresponding mentality."

He goes on to list several American traits that Germans should copy. These, Schroeder said, include: confidence, self-trust, willingness to take risks, courage to face life, and calmness.

He also praised what he said was the general American culture of "encouragement" and "personal responsibility."

Finally, an update to the Saudi Revolution Watch. A car bomb exploded outside a bank in Jeddah. Another small device exploded in front of a different bank sometime later. In case you forgot, it's Sept 11.


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