Friday, September 10, 2004

Forgeries, Nepotism and 'Framing the Guilty'

Rather is doomed. If the Kerry campaign even looked cross-eyed at these docs prior to the 60 Minutes report then the election is essentially over.

What is so pitiful is that the basic charges against W are more or less true and everyone knows but no one cares. Of course Bush Sr got W into the National Guard. Big Fucking Deal. "Nepotism in American politics." That's Dog Bites Man news. How do you think Jesse Jackson Jr got into the Congress? Or Al Gore? Politics is lousy with the children of the powerful getting jobs based on phone calls from Mommy or Daddy. For that matter so is the media. You think Andrea Koppell is a reporter for CNN because she was the most qualified for the job? Right. And Stephen Baldwin is a talented actor.

So, Bush Sr made a phone call in 1968 and got W into the National Guard, just like thousands of politicians, business leaders, and academics all over the country. This is not the story. The "fake" story is that there is a convenient document trail kept in the "private" files of W's commanding officer for 35 years indictating that he did not obey a direct order to get a physical exam. It may be a smoking gun but it's a gun carved out of soap.

It looks more and more like the Dems or someone sympathetic to them forged these memos in order to document what they already believed to be true be but was just so difficult to prove. They tried to frame man they believed to be guilty. Then they got caught and the fallout will be far worse than the original scandal.

And it couldn't happen to a nicer crowd.


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