Tuesday, September 07, 2004

1000 U.S. Dead in Iraq - 3000 U.S. Dead in U.S.

Today was the big day. The One Thousandth American was killed in Iraq. Over at the Democratic Underground they are beside themselves with glee. Somehow that magic number will make millions of voters turn against Bush and support Kerry. I don't get it.

Let's put this in perspective. There are one thousand dead since March 2003. At this rate it will take 54 months, four and a half years, to equal the number who died in one day, on one morning, in September three years ago.

A third as many people (338) were killed this weekend in Russia as Americans have been killed in Iraq in 18 months.

A fifth (201) as many were killed in Madrid in a few minutes on March 11, 2004. Nearly that many (187) were killed in one night vacationing on Bali in October 2002. These were all civilians.

This is war. It will get worse. Before it's over we will look back on the casuality figures from Iraq and marvel at how few soldiers were killed during such a difficult operation.


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