Friday, July 23, 2004

The Comming Age of Conversion or Expulsion

Much has been written about dhimmiude in Europe. Eurabia is the term coined by Bat Yeor. It's also the title of her book out next year. Islam is the second largest religion in Europe, as it is in the US and Australia (and probably Canada). We've all read about the Muslim issue in France (the NYT reported last week that 50% of prisoners in France are Muslim) but every Western European county faces a similar situation.

Immigrants make up half of the population of Rotterdam. When the Dutch speak of immigrants they are talking about people from Muslim nations like Turkey and Morocco. Here's a quote from the Spectator: "In Brussels, Mohammed has been the most popular name for boy babies for the last four years." I've read that half the babies born in Brussels, the capital of the EU, are Muslim (I can't find the link right now). Oriana Fallaci's book, The Rage and the Pride, decried the influx of unassimilating Muslims into the heart of Italy's historic cities. All the Scandanavian countries and the UK have more or less the same stories to tell.

Some Europeans see the Islamization as inevitable. The current political and media elites, either suffering from cultural exhaustion or gripped by defeatism, are arguing on behalf of the this Islamization. Most Western European countries actually fund the building of mosques or the physical and spiritual conversion of unused churches into mosques. Witness British pol David Blunkett's proposal to outlaw criticism of Islam.

But all is not lost. There are two signs of what could be the development of a new movement I'll call neo-nationalism.

1.) The Dutch government is pushing a proposal to expel thousands of failed asylum seekers. "About 26,000 rejected asylum seekers who arrived in the Netherlands before April 1, 2001, and have exhausted all appeals will be stripped of their asylum benefits and put on aircraft to go back home." This comes after "A parliamentary report last month concluded that the country's 30-year experiment in tolerant multiculturalism had been a failure, and has resulted in poor schools, violence, and ethnic ghettoes that shun intermarriage with the Dutch." (thanks to Israpundit)

2.) Politicians in Norway's Progressive Party want to ban Islam in Norway. The chair of the party said, "We are not the only ones demanding this ban. This is an opinion that is well established in Scandinavian countries... The freedom we have in Norway may be taken away from us if we do not start to have some demands to these immigrants." Speaking of Islam he said, "The religion as it is practiced is a threat against our social system and way of life." That's pretty strong stuff but a local leader from the same party goes further. "It is about high time Norway and Europe make the ideology Islam and the practice of this, illegal and punishable in the same way as Nazism." (thanks to Dhimmi Watch)

I remember an Israeli revisionist historian and one time peace supporter saying in an interview that not only was a wide-spread Arab-Israeli conflict inevitable but that Israel should then take the opportunity to expel the Arab population from Israel proper since these people were overt supporters of Israel's enemies. They amounted to a fifth column and a demographic time bomb.

I think that is what it will come to all across the Western world if Islamists insist on continuing their war on us. How many more Madrid-style bombing before average working Europeans rise up, against the desires of their misguilded or morally corrupt elites, and simply demand that the government remove the threat (or perceived threat) from their midst?

I know it's not pretty or polite but Europe is approaching a point of no return when it must take drastic action or resign itself to it's demographic fate and honestly face the reality that in 2 or 3 generations, say 50 years, sharia will be peacefully imposed by the Muslim majority. One person. One vote. One time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Convert you moslems, or get the hell out!

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Sam said...

No, don't expel muslims from these countries.

I have Christian friends in Malaysia, but I don't want them to leave. Let them practice their beliefs, because Islam says "There is no compulsion in religion."

Why are you so hostile?

Are you anti-Islam by any chance?

12:09 PM  
Blogger kn said...

>>Let them practice their beliefs, because Islam says "There is no compulsion in religion."

No - that is an abrogated verse and it it NOT what the Koran says. Islamic apolgists quote this all the time - it is incorrect. Later verses completely reverse this teaching, as we all know.

In any case, it matters not what the Koran says - it is how Muslims act. And muslims DO NOT tolerate other religions.

>>Are you anti-Islam by any chance?

Of course!! What right-thinking person would not be anti-islam. It is a silly question.

2:07 PM  

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