Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Beheadings Become Routine as Bulgarian Is Murdered

I'm losing track of the beheading, as sad as that sounds. Beheadings are now a feature of 21st century life. Think about that. We have grown accustomed to the global dissemination of beheading videos. A few years ago we called these snuff films. Now we pass over the latest one without fanfare on comment. The poor Bulgarian isn't even a headline.

As with the others, Zarqawi is suspected. The man is a serial killer with a following - the leader of a small, but dedicated human sacrifice cult; a Muslim Manson.

In 2001, before 9/11, a Robert DeNiro film, 15 Minutes, did poorly at the box office. The story involved serial killers who ran around NYC killing people and recording the murders. What was deemed implausible then is banal now. Times change quickly. Our imaginations can no longer keep up. Think about what will shock us in three years. Then think about what won't.


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