Sunday, July 11, 2004

Anti-Jewish Attack On French Train. AP Reminds Us That Muslims Get Attacked Too.

Having just finished "Rising from the Muck: The New Anti-Semitism in Europe" I found this story particularly disturbing.
"Six people attacked a young mother on a suburban Paris train, chopping off her hair and scribbling swastikas on her stomach in what leaders denounced Sunday as an example of growing anti-Semitism. As the 23-year-old woman was assaulted Friday, other train passengers watched but did nothing to help her or her infant child, who was knocked out of a stroller."
It turns out the woman wasn't even Jewish. The thugs who "appeared to have been north African" thought she was Jewish because of the address on her ID card.

The AP story on is a perfect example of what I'll call 'soft Islamism' on the left. The story never mentions that "Police described the gang as ages 15 to 20 and said some appeared to be of Muslim North African origin." The AP just tells you they were "people" and a "band of teenagers."

The AP goes to great lengths to equate hate crimes against Jews with hate crimes against Muslims. "Assaults both Jews and Muslims have escalated over the past several years." Notice the And. Even though this is a story explicity about an anti-Jewish attack. This is stated without any supporting evidence. It's just true. Then comes this classic trick.
"The Interior Ministry said Friday it had recorded 135 anti-Jewish acts in the first six months of this year, as well as 375 threats. The figure was nearly as high as the numbers from all of last year, when a total of 593 anti-Jewish acts or threats were registered.

Racist attacks, often against Muslims, also rose. There were 95 attacks and 161 threats through June, compared to a total of 232 such crimes reported last year
The first paragraph concerns attacks against Jews and only Jews. These attacks are clearly on the rise. But the second paragraph casually lumps together "racist" attacks (I assume these could be against nearly anyone as long as the attack is motivated by the victims race) which are "often" (sure, and they are often not) against Muslims. What the hell does that mean? Nothing. It's a chance for the writer to say, "Well, Jews and Muslims are being threatened and attacked. These attacks are more or less equal. It's all so regrettable. Can't we all just get along?"

But of course these attacks are in no way equal. Look again at the numbers and remember that there are 3-4 million Muslims in France compared to 5-600,000 Jews so the number of anti-Jewish attacks is geometrically increasing compared to population of Jews. But the AP doesn't bring that up. Thanks guys, good job as usual.


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turns out that it didn't happen after all:

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