Saturday, July 31, 2004

ABC News: Al-Qaeda Plotting NYC Suicide Attack

Here's the link. It's more than the usual chatter. Here's a key quote: Intelligence sources say al Qaeda plans to move non-Arab terrorists across the border with Mexico.

Of course they already have. And in yet one more example of how our weak immigration policy is a mortal threat to our way of life she was in the US illegally. She later confessed to crossing the Rio Grande.

What kind of attack are the jihadists planning for NYC? "And I think the easy types of attacks right now are car bombs, truck bombs." says the former director of New York City's Office of Emergency Management.

Week in Review

While most of us were watching the convention or avoiding watching it, the rest of the world continued on its merry way:

The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade burned down several PA buildings in Jenin, including a intelligence services office. Two interesting points here. The Martyrs Briagade is a tangent of Arafat's Fatah movement and Jenin is in the West Bank, not Gaza. Is the Brigade in more or less open rebellion against Arafat? Or is it doing this at Arafat's behest, to create the appearance of instability and thereby increase the need for a stronger PA security force? If it's the former, will Gaza-style chaos spread to the West Bank?

Iran is building centrifuges for enriching uranium. Lovely. The Iranian foreign minister told journalists in Tehran on Saturday: "We have now started manufacturing centrifuge parts". Draw your own conclusions but it's really just a question of how much closer this puts the mullahs to going nuclear. And of course the clock is ticking on a Israeli airstrike against one or more of the Iranian facilities.

The UN Security Council "demanded," which means they asked nicely, that Sudan stop supporting the Arab militia/death squads/rape teams in the Darfur region. Sudan alternately yawns, whines,
rejects the resolution and claims to comply with it. All this does is kick the problem 30 days down the road. It gives the Sudanese another month of killing and creates a perfect situation for the UN to wimp out in late August.

Rumors that Zarqawi, the Jordanian born serial killer and terrorist entrepenuer,
has been captured continue to circulate today. First a Bulgarian paper reported this, then reported the denial. Now the capture rumor, with some level of detail about the place and manner of the capture, are all over the Web. India, Kuwait, China are all reporting variations on this. But until I see the bastard in cuffs with an Army medic sticking a flashlight in his mouth. I won't believe it.

Portrait of Islamist Extremism among French Arabs

The NYT has an interesting story about the growing extremism among the Arab "underclass" in France. The family profiled, a husband, wife and two sons in French prison and a third son just released from Guantanamo, are not recent immigrants who brought their anti-Western fervor from abroad. The father immigrated in 1963 and the sons are all born and raised in France. Presumably they have French passports. Their involvement in Islamism and jihad started and grew on French soil. Various members of the family have been involved in jihad in Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Chechnya. The sons have shown a pronuonced interest in chemicals and biological poisons.

Plus, the photo from a housing project near Lyon is worth a thousand words.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Frank Rich Wrong Again, Owes Rant Wraith new Lexus

Last week the High Priest of Overpaid Hacks Frank Rich accused the Administration of fear-mongering and wrote that "Odds are that the next John Ashcroft doomsday press conference will be timed to coincide with the run-up to Mr. Kerry's acceptance speech on Thursday night."

I took the bet and won. Frankie-boy, I'll let you off easy with the new Lexus. I need an IS300 Sports wagon, any color, with the moonroof package. Email me and we'll work out the delivery schedule.

But out of my freaking generous nature I'd be just as happy if you acknowledge your gross error in your Sunday NYT column; not even an apology (which is nearly impossible for a man afflicted with your ego), just a paragraph about how you were wrong and Rant Wraith, against the odds, was right.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

UN Arabs Refuse to Condemn Anti-Semitism

Hey, don't knock their hobby. After all, what about free speech?

The invaluable Allahpundit links to this article in Haaretz.

The Arab delegations used "blunt language" to describe their "opposition" to the proposed resolution and even revealed plans "to use diplomatic means" to prevent the it from reaching a vote. The language "shocked the Europeans, said a UN source."

Wow. Either the Eurocrats are oblivious to the level of Judeophobia thriving in Arab and Muslim countries or the Arab delegates used some particularly harsh language. Flip a coin.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Gephardt Exposes Contradictions

Some key quotes from Gephardt's nearly incoherent speech:

At a time of global terror, John Kerry will take on the terrorists where they live, before they can threaten us where we live.
So far so good. Of course Bush has said the same thing. Actually this goes much farther than Bush's policy. Notice that Gephardt wants to "take on" the terrorists not before they attack us but before they threaten us. This could include Iran and North Korea right now, today.

And he will never pursue a go-it-alone policy in the foreign policy area that leaves America isolated from its friends and hinders the hunt for our enemies.

Wait. The first will always conflict with the second. Our allies supported the war in Afghanistan only because we had already been attacked. The French, the Germans, and a dozen other counties will oppose any attack on another country that has not attacked us first.

Has he not been paying attention? This is the foreign policy puzzle of our time. We can go on the offensive or we can have the broad support of our 'allies' but not both. Gephardt avoids the hard choices by simply ignoring them. Is that because he's a lazy thinker or because he doesn't grasp the nature of the war we are fighting? Either way, it's time to exit stage left, Dick. Goodbye.

Who's African?

I have a question for the DNC. Why is Barack Obama, born to a white mother from Kansas, born in Hawaii, raised in Chicago, considered an African-American while Teresa Heinz Kerry, born and raised in Mozambique, NOT considered an African-American?

Please, someone explain this to me.

DNC Benediction by Imam Yahya Hendi

That's right. Who is he? What's his story? He works at Georgetown, "the first American university to hire a full-time Muslim chaplain. He earned a B.A. degree in Islamic Law and Theology from the University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan. He's a Ph.D. Candidate in Islamic Theology at American Open University, Fall Church, VA."

What is the American Open University? The offical site is mostly (and quite conveniently) in Arabic. But this site has the university curriculum from the summer of 2000 as taught in Fresno, CA.

What do they teach you ask? My favorite lesson is titled, Secularism is Shirk in the Lordship of Allah. Here are some high points of the lesson (tauhid or tawhid is the unity of Allah; mushrik and shirk are Islamic terms for polytheism, a grave sin for Muslims - Christians are considered shirk because they "attribute partners to God" through the divinity of Christ and the Trinity; shirk equals unbelief and infidelism; emphasis in bold added):

Whoever calls the people (and/or himself) to the following and obedience of another law other than the shari'a is a disbeliever and a mushrik.
The scholars of Usool-ul-Fiqh have all agreed on the axiom that "None has the right to legislate but Allah."  Don't be fooled by their discussion of whether the intellect can arrive independently at the ruling in an issue. What they are talking about is the intellect - through training and other knowledge of the shari'a and its sources and ways - DISCOVERING or "uncovering" the eternal ruling of Allah in an issue, NOT legislating independently of Allah Most High.
Clearly secularism - which includes the rejection of the primacy of the shari'a as the ultimate source of law and which claims the right to leglislate independently of Allah general legislation which define obligation, prohibition, choice or relational rulings at odds with the order of Allah and His Prophet (sas) - is a rejection of the Lordship and the Deityship of Allah Most High. It is one of the actions of shirk akbar (greater polytheism) without doubt. There can be no distinction between the one who questions Allah's oneness in His creation and the one who questions Allah's oneness in His order. Both are taghoot, mushrik and in a state of rebellion against the worship of Allah Most High.
The tauhid of Allah in His Lordship is not complete with the mere acceptance of his creation and his decree. Rather, it must also include His oneness in legislating, judgeing and commanding and the acceptance of the guidance and laws brought from Him by Muhammad (sas). Detracting from Allah's oneness in legislation is no different from detracting from His oneness in creation and omnipotence. The One who commanded us to accept His decree and omnipotence in all things is the same one who commanded us to refer and defer to His shari'a in all legal matters. He is the One who said: There is no sovereignty except Allah's. He commands you not to worship any but Him. (Yusuf: 40)
What the hell is the DNC thinking? Did they research this guy before they signed him up? Do they even care?

Kennedy: "We All Cherish Our Children's Future." Really?

I think we have finally reached the expiration date on JFK quotes. The anamatronic Ted Kennedy just let loose with this gem from big brother,

Today in this global age, our goal of the common good extends far beyond America’s borders. As President Kennedy said in 1963 in his quest for restraint in nuclear arms: "We can help make the world safe for diversity. For in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future."

Whoa Teddy boy. That's just it - our enemies do not, write this down, they do NOT cherish their childrens' futures. They send their children to commit suicide by exploding themselves among us. Believe them when they say, "You love life and we love death". Then, rather than mourn an immoral act of murder and willful self-destruction, they celebrate. They invite their friends and pass out sweets.

Our enemies are most certainly NOT like us. And I do not want to make the world safe for any diversity that includes them. I want to anihilate them before they kill any more of us.

Ted, you are indeed a dinosaur, lumbering toward the tar pits. Do you not even read the news? You are a relic from a previous age. You don't get it and you never will.

Will Nader Storm the Gates in Boston?

Ralph 'the angry spoiler' Nader is on the road to Boston.

"I would like to see the bazaar. I'd like to see the alcoholic-musical-political payoff bazaar of accounts receivable," Nader said. "I would like to be there at the convention to watch. I will try to get credentials… I may try as a syndicated columnist, which I've been for 35 years. Let's see if they are against reporters." 

Look out JFK. The Incorruptable is gunning for you.

Anti-Semitic? No Worries Mate, Just Facts

Tim Blair at Spleenville links to this noxious bit from Down Under. Margot Kingston, some lass who writes a Webdiary for the Sidney Morning Herald, received a letter about the International Court of "Justice" ruling on the Israeli security barrier asking "Why, we can all ask, was there no public debate about this?" The brilliant Margo answered, "Because the fundamentalist Zionist lobby controls politics and the media in the US and Australia."

Wow. This is a woman writing on the Website of a major newspaper in Australia. It's not an extremist rag sold outside head shops by unwashed college dropouts or an undermedicated paranoid drooling from one side of his mouth. It's the paper of record in the largest city in Australia (which let her publish it despite being controlled by the "Zionist lobby").

It gets better. Her defense is a classic straight from the Weimar Republic. "I am not anti-semitic, and I thought what I wrote was a statement of fact." So did Celine. So did Goebbels for that matter. All true anti-Semites do. That actually makes it worse. She believes that the myth of Jewish control of the media is obvious, a self-evident truth that requires no evidence or even arguement. It's simply a fact. Doesn't everyone know that?

Then she begins her convoluted rationalizations until she hits bottom and digs, quoting at length from something called "Israel's Apartheid: roots in 'Revistionist Zionism" (which sounds like a responsible article by reasonable authors, doesn't it?).

My favorite defense is the by now standard dodge that "Zionist is not synonymous with Jew" so it can't be anti-Semitic. She may intend her little code "fundamentalist Zionist lobby" to refer to some specific non-Jewish institutions but everyone who reads in hears "Jews".

And why shouldn't they? Zionism is the political belief that the Jewish nation should have a state. In that sense it is a nationalism like other nationalisms (the difference being that the nation defines itself as a religious group rather than an ethno-linguistic one). Likewise French nationalism posits that the French nation should have its own state called France. Can one be against the existence of the French state and not be anti-French? Can one be opposed to French nationalists, people who believe that France should exist, and still deny being anti-French?

No, of course not. Margo knows this. Her rationalizations fool no one. And her cries about her innocent intentions are so much drivel. Rant Wraith has read a little lit-crit in his time. I know that once the author puts a text out into the world it is open to interpretation regardless of what she claims she may have intended. Sorry Margo. You're an anti-Zionist and a Judeophobe. Embrace it.  What's next, articles about how blacks are lazy or "orientals" are inscrutable? If you're going to be a bigot, be a proud bigot.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Carter's Speech: Whaaaa?

From the text of Carter's speech.

In the meantime, the Middle East peace process has come to a screeching halt for the first time since Israel became a nation. All former presidents, Democratic and Republican, have attempted to secure a comprehensive peace for Israel with hope and justice for the Palestinians.
What? The "peace process has come to a screeching halt for the first time since Israel was a nation"? Ex-squeeze me? I realize he's a Nobel Prize winner and all but does that make any sense to anybody?
There was no "peace process" from 1948 until the early 70s; that is, for the first generation of Israel's existence. Then Nixon's efforts didn't exactly bear fruit. There was a full-scale war during his administration. Bush's record is better than that. Or what about Lebanon? Or the first intifada, when the Israelis and the US administration wouldn't even speak to the PLO publicly. And don't forget, Oslo was not Clinton's initiative. He just watched as Rabin and Arafat signed an agreement they had already worked out in secret.

Note to Jimmy: there's no need to exaggerate. This kind of hyperbole undermines your case.

Planned Parenthood Sells "I Had an Abortion" t-shirts

I don't normally write much about domestic policy but this is too much for me to ignore. It's an Onion headline or an old Monty Python scetch come to life; it's beyond parody. I was cruising around the Democratic UNderground looking for inside dope on the convention when I found this: Planned Parenthood is selling t-shirts with the simple message "I Had an Abortion."

Why would they do this? What are they thinking? This is exactly what the anti-abortion movement lives for - tangible proof that pro-choice supports do not take seriously the moral ramifications of abortion, that they treat abortion casually, that the ending of a kind of life is reducible to a slogan on a t-shirt. I'm (reluctantly) pro-choice and this is just plain repulsive.

You wouldn't wear a shirt that says "I Drowned Puppies." PETA would lynch you, but this is acceptable? Words fail me...

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Note to Frank Rich: I'll Take That Bet

Toady "columnist" Frank Rich trots out the standard leftist critique of recent government terror warning as "fearmongering." When Tom Ridge (admittedly a less than confidence inspiring figure) warned, during the same week that Kerry annouced his VP choice, that Islamist may attack "democratic process", Rich says his "real mission" was "to wield fear as a weapon of mass distraction."

Ok, there's no news here. Rich doesn't dig Ridge. But Rich then makes an astonishing claim. "Odds are that the next John Ashcroft doomsday press conference will be timed to coincide with the run-up to Mr. Kerry's acceptance speech on Thursday night."

Ok dickhead. I'll take those odds. Neither Ashcroft nor any other administration figure will give a "doomsday" press conference during convention week minus some dramatic, specific, detailed information. What odds will you give me Frankie boy. Two to one? Do I here three to one? What's the bet fancy pants?

Look for this Rant Wraith headline Friday morning. "Frank Rich Wrong Again, Owes Rant Wraith new Lexus." If I lose, look for a rare public apology. Rant Wraith, unlike the spineless Rich, stands by what he says.

Shin Bet: Jewish Extremists Threaten Jerusalem Mosques

Israeli security officials are worried that extremist Jewish groups could attack the mosques on the Temple Mount using radio-controlled planes packed with high-explosives or even "a manned suicide attack with a light aircraft during mass Muslim worship on the Mount."

Extremists may already be casing the site. "In recent weeks, the Jerusalem Police force has noticed a rise in the number of visits by extremist Jewish figures to the Temple Mount."   

Wow. This is the Worst Case Scenario. The Israeli security foiled an attempt to destroy the Dome of the Rock twenty years ago (and who knows how many before and since). Let's hope they can prevent these plots also.

Friday, July 23, 2004

The Comming Age of Conversion or Expulsion

Much has been written about dhimmiude in Europe. Eurabia is the term coined by Bat Yeor. It's also the title of her book out next year. Islam is the second largest religion in Europe, as it is in the US and Australia (and probably Canada). We've all read about the Muslim issue in France (the NYT reported last week that 50% of prisoners in France are Muslim) but every Western European county faces a similar situation.

Immigrants make up half of the population of Rotterdam. When the Dutch speak of immigrants they are talking about people from Muslim nations like Turkey and Morocco. Here's a quote from the Spectator: "In Brussels, Mohammed has been the most popular name for boy babies for the last four years." I've read that half the babies born in Brussels, the capital of the EU, are Muslim (I can't find the link right now). Oriana Fallaci's book, The Rage and the Pride, decried the influx of unassimilating Muslims into the heart of Italy's historic cities. All the Scandanavian countries and the UK have more or less the same stories to tell.

Some Europeans see the Islamization as inevitable. The current political and media elites, either suffering from cultural exhaustion or gripped by defeatism, are arguing on behalf of the this Islamization. Most Western European countries actually fund the building of mosques or the physical and spiritual conversion of unused churches into mosques. Witness British pol David Blunkett's proposal to outlaw criticism of Islam.

But all is not lost. There are two signs of what could be the development of a new movement I'll call neo-nationalism.

1.) The Dutch government is pushing a proposal to expel thousands of failed asylum seekers. "About 26,000 rejected asylum seekers who arrived in the Netherlands before April 1, 2001, and have exhausted all appeals will be stripped of their asylum benefits and put on aircraft to go back home." This comes after "A parliamentary report last month concluded that the country's 30-year experiment in tolerant multiculturalism had been a failure, and has resulted in poor schools, violence, and ethnic ghettoes that shun intermarriage with the Dutch." (thanks to Israpundit)

2.) Politicians in Norway's Progressive Party want to ban Islam in Norway. The chair of the party said, "We are not the only ones demanding this ban. This is an opinion that is well established in Scandinavian countries... The freedom we have in Norway may be taken away from us if we do not start to have some demands to these immigrants." Speaking of Islam he said, "The religion as it is practiced is a threat against our social system and way of life." That's pretty strong stuff but a local leader from the same party goes further. "It is about high time Norway and Europe make the ideology Islam and the practice of this, illegal and punishable in the same way as Nazism." (thanks to Dhimmi Watch)

I remember an Israeli revisionist historian and one time peace supporter saying in an interview that not only was a wide-spread Arab-Israeli conflict inevitable but that Israel should then take the opportunity to expel the Arab population from Israel proper since these people were overt supporters of Israel's enemies. They amounted to a fifth column and a demographic time bomb.

I think that is what it will come to all across the Western world if Islamists insist on continuing their war on us. How many more Madrid-style bombing before average working Europeans rise up, against the desires of their misguilded or morally corrupt elites, and simply demand that the government remove the threat (or perceived threat) from their midst?

I know it's not pretty or polite but Europe is approaching a point of no return when it must take drastic action or resign itself to it's demographic fate and honestly face the reality that in 2 or 3 generations, say 50 years, sharia will be peacefully imposed by the Muslim majority. One person. One vote. One time.

What We Won't Admit to Ourselves

Who are the terrorists? How can we stop them if we can't find them? The government believes there are cells here, now, preparing the next attack. What do we know about these people based on past experience both here and abroad? First, they are men, probably between 20 and 40. Second, and this may comes as a surprise to some people, they are Muslims. Not most likely, not probably, not a 99% chance. They are Muslims, certainly, without question. As the 9/11 Commission makes clear in the executive summary (page 16) "The enemy is not just "terrorism. It is the threat posed specifically by Islamist terrorism."

Therefore: No Muslims, No Attacks. Specifically no Muslim men. This is not racist as "Muslim" is not a racial category. Is it anti-Muslim, sure, why not? Not all Muslims are terrorists or even sympathizers but all the terrorist who are attacking us are Muslims. Even Muslims sympathetic to America or at least anti-jihadist do not  seem to be able to tell us how we can differentiate between terror Muslims and non-terror Muslims. What are we to do? According this report in the Washington Times (thanks LGF), "Flight crews and air marshals say Middle Eastern men are staking out airports, probing security measures and conducting test runs aboard airplanes."

This is not brain surgery. Do NOT let these men on the fucking plane. Flying is not a right and it certainly is not a privedge we should hand out to men from, say, Syria, or Lebanon, or Egypt, or Saudi Arabia. Sorry dude, take a bus.

Is this discrimation? Damn right but so what? Of course al-Qaeda has recruited men from EU countries to get by this but we should allow TSA security and gate agents the discretion to bar suspicious foreigners from boarding. Did you see a picture of Richard Reid? He was a terrorist out of central casting. (Actually a movie terrorist would never look quite so much like a terrorist.) He might as well have wore a "Taliban Rocks" t-shirt. How did this man ever get on a plane?

The time has long since past to cast off our archaic notions of what constitutes discrimination and fairness and face the grim relaity. Everyone who is ploting, organizing,  funding, and executing attacks against the US and the Western world is of one and only one religion. We can and should use this to identify them.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Morocco is Biggest European Threat say Spanish Judge

Here's an interesting story. A Spain's top anti-terror judge, after reviewing police and intelligence files, says that there are at least 10 al-Qaeda cells in Morocco with at least 1000 jihadists. These groups raise money through drug trafficing and dealing stolen cars. They have expertise in smuggling humans across the Strait into Spain. Not that it's so hard. There's a ferry.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

What Will They Call the Next Commission?

The 9/11 Commission report is out tomorrow. They will blame both the Clinton and Bush administrations, the Congress and various agencies. Woo fucking hoo.

What they almost certainly will not blame is the larger American culture. That's right Mr. and Ms. Blogreader, you and I and our neighbors share a lot of the blame.

The FBI had several of the hijackers on various terrorist watch lists but they were not put onto the "No-Fly" list because merely "suspected terrorists" were not forbidden to fly without evidence that they were interested in hijacking aircraft. Oh the outrage, right? Except that if the FBI had been forbidding suspected terrorists from flying they would have been sued. And they would have lost, plain and simple. The 19 jihadists had committed no crime until the morning of Sept 19. Forbidding people from flying without some administrative or criminal procedure would have lead to a lawsuit. Now you, loyal Rant Wraith reader, would never sue or represent someone who would. But your neighrbor, on an in-law or someone at your church or community center would.

Why were they allowed to take flying lessons? Same reason.

Why were they allowed to receive money transferred from suspicious accounts abroad? See above.

Why didn't the military shoot down the planes? No one had the authority. Now that we have authorized the military to shoot down stray planes it's only a matter of time before we shoot down a plane full of innocent people. Then all the pencil-necks on the 9/11 Commission can sit on the 'Flight 1056 Commission' and act all self-righteous that we could do such a thing.

When al-Qaeda drives a truck filled with explosives over the border, we'll have to sit through hearings about how the terrorists evaded our inadequate border defenses - when we as a nation have purposefully created these weak borders and we all know it. How much would a head of lettuce cost if the farmer had to pay minimum wage (and benefits) to lettuce pickers? Do you want a secure borders and $40 salad or cheap produce and an open door? We already have the answer.

I fly a lot. My friends fly a lot. Tonight the media is agog about the video tape of hijackers going through airport security but you and I know how ineffective and random and silly airport security is now, three years later. People with orthopedic shoes, thick metal shoes, are not required to remove them. Passengers are not required to show ID when boarding a connecting flight. Airlines cannot stop more than two 'Arab' men per flight without paying a fine to the FAA. You can't discriminate against any group. We are more concerned with expediting the boarding process and keeping the wheels of commerce moving than almost anything else. Even now.

Plastic explosives in the rectum. Ceramic knives. Mace. Flameable liquids. Weapon components embedded in laptops and cameras. There are dozens of ways that determined and organized suicide killers can board aircraft or get by security anywhere. And the icing on the cake: Syrians, citizens of Syrian , a known terrorist supporter and haven, can still travel freely in America.

As a culture America is not prepared to implement the security measures necessary to minimize terror risks, on airplanes, in buildings, anywhere.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Gaza reflects "self-made Palestinian failures"

The Daily Star for Beriut has an opinion piece on (cue the theme music) the "Chaos in Gaza". They place the blame squarely on Arafat (and no one accuses the Daily Star of coddling Israel) . Here's the money quote:
In this ongoing and evolving situation, the many underlying failures of the current Palestinian leadership all coalesce into a simple single fact: Yasser Arafat has led the Palestinian national movement for nearly 40 years now. While his policies have kept alive the Palestinian cause they have done so at a very high cost. Both he and his people live in miserable, often pathetic, conditions today, and Arafat, incredibly, has alienated virtually every potential partner, including many of his own political party activists and his own people, the Arab regimes, the Israeli left, the US, and now even the UN special envoy to the Arab-Israeli peace process.
Does anyone care to count how many prime ministers from how many political parties Israel has had since Arafat took over the PLO?
How about Israel's neighbors? Egypt? Three: Naser, Sadat, Mubarak. Syria? Two: the father and son Assad. Jordan? Two: the father and son Hussein. What does that tell you about the neighborhood?

Good news - Mullah Omar's Brother-in-Law Captured in Afghanistan

Since Omar has four wives we don't have a clue how many brothers-in-law he has. Still, it's a small sign that the net is just a little bit tighter around the Taliban leader.

He was captured with cash that may have been for Taliban fighters. So we nabbed their payroll. That's got to be demoralizing. People tend to quit when they don't get paid. You can't eat jihad.

Monday, July 19, 2004

"We Have Killed Your God," Arab Women Sing as Men Rape

I thought I was difficult to shock. Then I read this in the Guardian:
"While African women in Darfur were being raped by the Janjaweed militiamen, Arab women stood nearby and sang for joy, according to an Amnesty International report published yesterday. The songs of the Hakama, or the "Janjaweed women" as the refugees call them, encouraged the atrocities committed by the militiamen."
Read that again. Women sang while men raped. They sang and "stirred up racial hatred against black civilians during attacks on villages in Darfur and celebrated the humiliation of their enemies."
While Arab men broke the bones of Sudanese women they captured as sex slaves, the women sang: "The blood of the blacks runs like water, we take their goods and we chase them from our area and our cattle will be in their land. The power of [Sudanese president Omer Hassan] al-Bashir belongs to the Arabs and we will kill you until the end, you blacks, we have killed your God."
This is evil. The definition of evil. And it's happening right now.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Speaking Self-Promotion to Truth

I see this bumper sticker all the time: Speak Truth to Power. It's the mantra of a certain mindset. It's on t-shirts and has been marketed as a slogan on a bunch of crap. It's all over the web as a tagline for human rights groups, for groups exposing the Catholic priest sexual abuse scandal, and of course for one of ANSWERs anti-war/pro-dictator rallies. It is implied in the title of Joe Wilson's book, The Politics of Truth and the title of his website (possibly funded by the Kerry campaign)
Let's take a vote on what should be the real title of Wilson's book and website. The Politics of Self-Promotion? Speaking Untruth to Power? Shouting Lies to Truth? 'Mis-Speaking' to Power?
I'm waiting for the bumper stickers.

Arafat: Victim of His Own Strategy

Arafat and the PA have run up against the law of diminishing expectations. First, the Oslo expectations. From the 1993 White House lawn handshake in until the 2000 Camp David walkout, the expectations of the Arabs in the PA areas grew as they increasingly looked forward to a better life, politically, economically, socially. Then the Intifada expectations. After Arafat threw away Barak's offer he had to give the people something, so he replaced their 'official' Oslo expectations of co-existence with the Intifada expectations of total victory and absolute redemption. Instead of a Peace for Something he gave them a War for Everything.
Nearly 4 years later, this has ended. Now, having rejected peace and failed at war, what does Arafat have to offer the Gazans? Functioning infrastructure? Security? An economy above subsistence level? No, nothing tangible. Just the opposite. Life was better under Israel occupation before Arafat and his corrupt henchmen arrived from Tunis. He had escaped the wrath of the population he rules over by promising them the Dream of a Palestinian Homeland free of Israelis and Jews, a utopia outside history that undoes the past 57 years and negates Israel's existence.
This political con game probably could have continued indefinately if it weren't for the ubiquitous corruption, nepotism, and outright crime of the PA. He gambled that he could get something with the Intifada and all he got was destruction and isolation for himself and the Arabs.
Arafat and his mafia cadre were forced out of Jordan and Lebanon after estabishing mini-crime states based on murder and robbery. Could the Islamists now be filling the role that Sharon and King Hussein played 20 and 30 years ago? Is the beginning of Arafat's Black July?

Irony in Gaza

Reuters reports that a Reuters reporter was "wounded by gunfire during clashes between Palestinian militants and forces loyal to the new security commander in the Gaza Strip."
Is this cosmic fate for Reuters close, long time sympathetic relationship with Palestinian terrorists?


Supporters of the War are feeling vindicated by the collapse of Joe Wilson's credability and the two reports (one from an independent British commission, one from the Senate Intelligence Committee) supporting Bush's 2003 claim that Hussein tried to buy uranium in Africa. That's last week's news.
One of the self-evident truths to come out of the war, first on the left, then it moved into the mainstream and now it's even spread to war supporters, is that the Iraqi regime did not have any WMD programs.
Now that the Iraqi/African uranium story is seen as either 'well-founded' or just plain old true, let's pull back and look at the some of the larger issues.
1. Why did Saddam want uranium? Why buy uranium in 1999 if there was no nuke effort? Did Saddam want a nice yellowcake paperweight? The only reason to buy uranium is to supply a nuke or dirty bomb program. By 1999 the UN inspectors had been out of the country for a while and there was little outside pressure as the sanctions regime slowly decayed so why dismantle the WMD program between 1999 and 2004? What's the motivation?
The uranium story along with the sarin warhead detonated in Baghdad in May and the dozen or more sarin artillery shells discovered by Polish troops raise questions about the common wisdom that Saddam did not have a WMD program. Which goes to the next issue.
2. Intelligence changes quickly. What was the 'truth' last week is now seen as a purposeful deception, a ruse, a con, a hoax. What is now assumed to be widely 'known' (Saddam's lack of WMD) could dissolve into a new truth at any moment though either the discovery of stockpiles hidden in underground bunkers or moved abroad, through the translation of Iraqi documents or the confessions of Iraqi figures.
One of the lessons of the Joe Wilson meltdown is the today's truths could very well be revealed tomorrow as a scam and a lie. Hold these truths lightly. You may need to cast them off later.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Qorei: Gaza in "an unprecedented state of chaos."

PA Prime Minister Qorei tried to resign amid the Gaza confusion but Arafat refused to accept his resignation, whatever that means. Meanwhile Arafat fired the police chief who was abducted and released yesterday. The Palestinian National Security Council declared a state of emergency. Answering calls to end corruption Arafat appointed his cousin to head security chief of Gaza. That'll help.
All of this vindicates UN Envoy Terje Roed-Larsen's warning earlier in the week that the PA "is in deep distress and is in real danger of collapse."
"[T]he paralysis of the Palestinian Authority has become abundantly clear and the deterioration of law and order in Palestinian areas is steadily worsening... The PA is in deep distress and is in real danger of collapse."
After these quite accurate remarks, Larsen was barred from PA areas. "Terje Roed-Larsen's statement is not objective. As of today he is an unwelcome person in Palestinian territories," a senior Arafat advisor said. That's what you get for telling the truth to the PA.
Should I start a PA collapse watch? Or an Islamist coup watch? Despite all that has happened this year, an Islamist take-over of Gaza (or more of the PA areas) could be the biggest story of 2004.

Friday, July 16, 2004

State of Emergency Declared in Gaza

Everything is falling to shit. There were several adbuctions today, of French nationals and a PA police chief. Two top PA security officials resigned over the growing chaos: Rashid Abu Shbak, preventive security chief in Gaza, and Amin Hindi, head of Palestinian general intelligence.
A group of French NGO workers were abducted and later released as was a PA police chief. Security is collapsing as is the government. "Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurie called an emergency cabinet meeting for Saturday, fuelling speculation his government may resign or be forced out over the latest crisis."
Here's the Yahoo/AP photo of masked terrorists on the steps of the Red Cresent Society HQ (thanks to Watch at Windsofchange). When confronted by PA police they fired from the building.
Meanwhile, Israel is preparing contingency plans for Arafat's eventual death. He's 75ish and suffers from Parkinson.
The contingency plan forecasts chaos in the Palestinian territories. It says Arafat's Palestinian Authority will collapse and Islamic groups, led by Hamas, could rise up out of the refugee camps where they have strong support and try to take control of the Palestinian government.
Are the Islamist groups challenging Arafat while he's still alive? Is he too weak to mount a response? Can the PA respond forcefully to the growing threat? What will Israel do?

I'm Worried About the Media

Seriously. The media is so determined to defeat Bush that I'm concerned that they may become collectively unhinged if Kerry Edwards loses. Petrelis Files (thanks to Instapundit) searched the FEC records for "recent donations by journalists, reporters, publishers and others who work at print media outlets." Big surprise that Bush didn't receive a single donation in the search. Several prominent figures maxed out their donations to Kerry or Dean. More on this from Kausfiles. And then there is this,

The media “wants Kerry to win and so “they’re going to portray Kerry and Edwards as being young and dynamic and optimistic” and “there’s going to be this glow about” them, Evan Thomas, the Assistant Managing Editor of Newsweek, admitted on Inside Washington over the weekend.

And sure enough, like clockwork Newsweek cranks out a cover that's a virtual ad for K&E. "The Sunshine Boys"? Isn't that an old Walter Matthau and George Burns movie, "about an effort to reunite a pair of aged vaudevillians"? Man, does that clash with the "young and dynamic" idea. But wait, it was remade for TV 20 years later, this time starring Woody Allen and Peter Falk. Nothing says "young and dynamic" like those two. (I think Peter Falk, or P-Dawg as he's know to the kids, was on the cover of Dub last month taking Method Man for a ride in his Bentley.)

There are innumberable other examples. I saw a half-page ad in USAToday, on page two mind you, for a Nightline interview with Kerry. But the ad didn't show Ted Koppel's face and the Nightline logo was small and at the bottom. The body of the ad was a smiling Kerry waving before a large crowd. His name was huge. I thought in was a Kerry ad and had to search for the Nightline promo.

Now Salon, the online opposite of Fox News, is desperately trying to defend the anti-Bush posterboy, and Kerry contributor, the discredited Joe Wilson. The campaign against him is a "choreographed" effort by the "the right-wing conspiracy". (I'm not making this up.)

Then we have "Fahrenheit 9/11", a full-length anti-Bush negative ad disguised as a movie. Even the normally unreadable Frank Rich says,

"The left is so worried about John Kerry's lackluster candidacy that it is overselling the success of "Fahrenheit 9/11" to fill that vacuum, as if Mr. Moore could serve as a surrogate for the vague and charisma-challenged nominee."

What will happen if the media's full-court press to promote K&E doesn't result in a victory? Will they reflect on the loss, analyse their relationship with the majorty and adjust their reporting accordingly? Or will they pump up the volume on the anti-Bush machine? Or will some of them simple go mad and say, like Kent Brockman, "Democracy simply doesn't work."

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Wars of Identity

The author of Imperial Hubris
"contest the argument put out by members of the Bush administration that Mr. bin Laden wants to destroy America because he hates our values, freedoms and ideas. In Anonymous's view, the Qaeda leader hates us "because of our policies and actions in the Muslim world" and Al Qaeda's attacks are meant to advance a set of clear, focused and limited foreign policy goals."

As I have posted before, I am very critical of this view. Bin Laden, Zawahiri, and other top Islamist ideologs may think this way but I don't think so. The troops in the field, including the serial killer Zarqawi, do not view this is a struggle over policy. People don't kill themselves over policy. People, even soliders and thugs, don't mutilate humans over policy.

This is a Muslim civil war and it is primarily a war over identity. This is not as strange as it may sound. The American Civil War was not a war over policy. The average Union and Confederate soldier did not think that was a struggle over the policy of State's rights. These men knew that the war was a struggle over who we were. Slavery was part of the identity of every Southerner, not just the slave-owning minority. Abolishing slavery radically altered the nature of Southern society, the way people thought and felt about themselves and others. It was a profound (and to us simply unimaginable) change.

Or the American Revolution. Whether one lives in a monarchy or a democracy is not a policy; it is an identity. Democractic societies are not simply a set of institutions; they are an interrelated set of beliefs and attitudes and values that thrive far beyond the narrow realm of policy.

Is the difference between Germany today and German of 1938 reducable to a set of policies? Of course not. Germans lived in both but the kind of German has changed. Pacifism and anti-militarism in Germany and Japan are wide-spread social values and deeply held personal beliefs. Are North Koreans and South Koreans only separated by policy? Don't be silly. (Not all wars change identity but they are an attempt to do so. If the British had won the War of 1812 Americans would have become British subjects. A serious change of identity.)

The War Against Jihad is the same. It is a war between Islamism and Western civilization but more importantly it is a war over what it means to be a Muslim. The man who runs my local liquor store is an Iranian refugee who told me the Iranian goverement is "nasty." Do you think this man and bin Laden would agree on what it means to be a Muslim? That is what this war is about. Young Saudi men aren't driving truck bombs to change policy. They are doing so to change Muslim identity - how Muslims relate to modernism and capitalism and democracy; how Muslims view and interact (even if they interact) with non-Muslims; the role of women is sociey and the family.

Can you be a member of a tribe and a clan and be part of a democratic society? Can freedom of expression work in a Muslim society? Freedom of religion? Is theocracy compatable with the modern world? What is the rule of law or an even more basic question, what is law? These may sound like abstractions but they are woven into a person's world view. If your son brutally killed a defenseless man, would you turn him in? What if he raped a woman of a different religion? These are not policy questions. They go deeply into your identity as an American, a Christian, a human. The answers are what people fight over.

I've been thinking about this thanks to a book I'm reading about Jesse James. The author is quite persuasive. He posits that James was, by modern standards, a terrorist who was fighting to avenge the destruction of a way of life, of an identity. His family owned a few slaves but the policy change abolishing slavery would not have destroyed his way of life in a purely economic sense. Abolishing slavery would, and did, destroy the social, religious, familial, cultural world he grew up in. (I'll post more on the lessons from Jesse James later.)

The point (as rambling an semi-coherent as it may be) is that policy does not drive people to war. Police arrest people because of policies. It's their job. Mercenaries fight over policy. People, both citizen-soldiers of developed democracies and religious terrorists, kill and die over deeper, even intimate, issues - what is means to be who you they are; what kind of social hierarchy you live in; how you fit into or oppose the modern, industrialized world; how you believe in God.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Beheadings Become Routine as Bulgarian Is Murdered

I'm losing track of the beheading, as sad as that sounds. Beheadings are now a feature of 21st century life. Think about that. We have grown accustomed to the global dissemination of beheading videos. A few years ago we called these snuff films. Now we pass over the latest one without fanfare on comment. The poor Bulgarian isn't even a headline.

As with the others, Zarqawi is suspected. The man is a serial killer with a following - the leader of a small, but dedicated human sacrifice cult; a Muslim Manson.

In 2001, before 9/11, a Robert DeNiro film, 15 Minutes, did poorly at the box office. The story involved serial killers who ran around NYC killing people and recording the murders. What was deemed implausible then is banal now. Times change quickly. Our imaginations can no longer keep up. Think about what will shock us in three years. Then think about what won't.

Woman Lied About Attack. France Still Faces Rising Jew-Hatred

The train attack was a lie, a fiction, a story. She made the whole thing up, lock, stock and barrel. That is sad. The woman seems to have a persecution complex. Some have said she as suffers from (or indulges in) 'mythomania.' This does not mean that France is a model of ethnic-religious tolerance and co-existence.
"In a morning radio interview, government spokesman Jean-Francois Cope said that whether the woman's account proved true or not had little bearing on France's need to stem hate crimes."

Monday, July 12, 2004

Right on Mahmood! Keep Up the Good Work.

My favorite Bahrainian blog, Mahmood's Den, has an excellent post on the state of Arab societies today. He starts with Saddam's trial and riffs on a variety of Arab political ills. Here's a teaser but do go read to whole thing.
"The current situation in any Arab country is miserable. Walk in any Arab street, go into any Arab office and you will be faced not with a proudly displayed copy of the "bill or rights", or even an extract of the Qur'an, but rather with large pictures of current rulers... Government sponsored media continue to pour platitudes on their wisdom which is portrayed as far surpassing that of Solomon, even though some are at best illiterate and habitually trip over their double-digit IQ. In "enlightened" countries as the Emirates, Libya, Syria, Egypt and others they have even created segments in print and television extolling their pearls of their wisdom which to even a moron might at best sound asinine. "The sky is blue" one of them would declare in one of his courts and you can be assured that it's tomorrows' headlines not only in the press, but even broadcast by their so-called news agencies.

What have we contributed to this world?... Essentially we have had nothing to show over the last millennium, yet we retain our misplaced pride and arrogance. We continue to shout out that: We are Arabs. We are Muslims. We are the leaders of the world. We hold the moral high-ground. We are right. Everybody else is wrong. And what has that state of stagnation resulted in? Terrorists hell-bent on world destruction simply because the views of the world, that is the "other" 2/3rds who share this spic of universe with us do not share these views and values."
Remember, this is not some neo-conservative blowing off steam late at night. This is Mahmood, an Arab and a Muslim who lives in a Arab-Muslim nation. This is solid freaking gold, people. Take note.

His site has a commenting system, visit his site and leave your thoughts.

Keep on rocking Mahmood. We're with you in spirit.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Anti-Jewish Attack On French Train. AP Reminds Us That Muslims Get Attacked Too.

Having just finished "Rising from the Muck: The New Anti-Semitism in Europe" I found this story particularly disturbing.
"Six people attacked a young mother on a suburban Paris train, chopping off her hair and scribbling swastikas on her stomach in what leaders denounced Sunday as an example of growing anti-Semitism. As the 23-year-old woman was assaulted Friday, other train passengers watched but did nothing to help her or her infant child, who was knocked out of a stroller."
It turns out the woman wasn't even Jewish. The thugs who "appeared to have been north African" thought she was Jewish because of the address on her ID card.

The AP story on is a perfect example of what I'll call 'soft Islamism' on the left. The story never mentions that "Police described the gang as ages 15 to 20 and said some appeared to be of Muslim North African origin." The AP just tells you they were "people" and a "band of teenagers."

The AP goes to great lengths to equate hate crimes against Jews with hate crimes against Muslims. "Assaults both Jews and Muslims have escalated over the past several years." Notice the And. Even though this is a story explicity about an anti-Jewish attack. This is stated without any supporting evidence. It's just true. Then comes this classic trick.
"The Interior Ministry said Friday it had recorded 135 anti-Jewish acts in the first six months of this year, as well as 375 threats. The figure was nearly as high as the numbers from all of last year, when a total of 593 anti-Jewish acts or threats were registered.

Racist attacks, often against Muslims, also rose. There were 95 attacks and 161 threats through June, compared to a total of 232 such crimes reported last year
The first paragraph concerns attacks against Jews and only Jews. These attacks are clearly on the rise. But the second paragraph casually lumps together "racist" attacks (I assume these could be against nearly anyone as long as the attack is motivated by the victims race) which are "often" (sure, and they are often not) against Muslims. What the hell does that mean? Nothing. It's a chance for the writer to say, "Well, Jews and Muslims are being threatened and attacked. These attacks are more or less equal. It's all so regrettable. Can't we all just get along?"

But of course these attacks are in no way equal. Look again at the numbers and remember that there are 3-4 million Muslims in France compared to 5-600,000 Jews so the number of anti-Jewish attacks is geometrically increasing compared to population of Jews. But the AP doesn't bring that up. Thanks guys, good job as usual.

Saudi Revolution Watch - Jihadis Returning as Iraq Stabilizes

In a characteristic piece of good news/bad news, Saudi fighters who crossed into Iraq to wage jihad against the infidels are returing home as Iraq stabilizes. Good news: Saudi jihadis are no longer comfortable in Iraq. Bad news: trained fighters with connections and weapons are drifting back to Saudi Arabia, looking for some action. From the Washington Post (thanks to Jihad Watch).
"The Iraq veterans are serving as fresh recruits for an underground network in Saudi Arabia ... Other Saudis are returning after spending time in newly established training camps across the Red Sea in remote parts of Sudan."
These men are a generation younger than the 'Afghan Arabs' who have made up the Saudi insurgency up until now. Will they be as dedicated to the anti-Saud cause? Will they pump new ideas and techniques into the insurgency? Not as well trained and certainly not as battle-hardened as the Afghan Arabs and certainly not as battle-hardened, will the Iraqi veterans make crucial mistakes? Or just flake out and return to mainstream Saudi life?

Saturday, July 10, 2004

It's Sharia, Bitch!

From the Crazy Rumor Department here at Rant Wraith central HQ (inside our bomb-proof bunker deep beneath the Undisclosed Location) - this week's Entertainment Weekly, the one with Brando on the cover, reports that Dave Chappelle may have converted to Islam. His publicists refuses to comment.

Say it's not true Dave! He's the bravest comic working today and one of the funniest people around. I hope, hope, hope that this is utter bullshit and Dave is still the man we all know and love: vulgar, self-consciously racist, courageous, gratuitously profane, ass-loving, and over the top.

Please Conspiracy Brother, don't say you've gone over to the other side! You're still a player from the streets who knows how to get his. Now get your skinny ass on tv, eat some pork and make me laugh. Bitch!

Friday, July 09, 2004

We Have Fostered Hatred? What is Rockefeller Smoking?

Whatever Rockefeller is popping, smoking, or drinking I'm sure I can't afford it. Here's the quote that set me off. It's from today's Senate Intelligence Committee press conference. After giving an overview of the global intelligence failer he delivered the h-bomb:

"We have fostered a deep hatred of Americans in the Muslim world, and that will grow. As a direct consequence, our nation is more vulnerable today than ever before."

Wait a sec Senator Pencilneck. We are more vulnerable than on Sept 10th? Or the spring of 2001 when the cell was taking flying lessons and discussing additional targets? Or when Zawahiri came to the US to raise money for the plot to attack us? I don't quite think so.

The "Muslim world" hates us more now? I have two responses.
A) We are talking tiny matters of degree. On the Rant Wraith 100 point Hatred Measuring Scale they hated us 98.8 and now they hate us 99.1. Read MEMRI from before the invasion of Iraq. The so-called Muslim world was seething with America-hated then. And before 9/11 too. How else could al Qaeda have organized and funded their plots?
The African embassy bombings, the Cole, these occured when Bush was governor of Texas and the dreaded neo-cons were working in think tanks or corporate jobs. Muslim hated is not something we have "fostered" through intelligence failures or the war in Iraq.
B) So fucking what if the "Muslim world" hates us? Of course many Muslims hate us. Many Muslims are our mortal enemies. Remember, we are fighting a war against jihadist who are by definition Muslim. As for the ones who hate us but are not actively our enemies, we can't control how this other world feels. That's their issue. What if I told Rockefeller that the Muslim world has fostered the hatred of the "American world" through decades of murder and violence and hatemongering? Would he say that the Muslim world should get its act together and work on reducing this hate? Or would Senator SilverFoot blame us for the hating?

You guess.

From 'Roger and Me' to 'Me, I'm Now Roger'

I'm not the only one who noted the limp, unfunny Daily Show segment on the young director of Michael Moore Hates America. Jim Treacher also thought it was a pitiful, incoherent display of rich old asshole sight gags. He's more generous than I am.

Bin Laden Directing Attack Against U.S. Also, the Sky Is Blue and Gravity Pulls Things Down.

This is a headline in the NYT and CNN. What gets me is that people are either shocked or cynical. The once-funny Daily Show accused the Administration of hyping the threat to take to media spotlight off of Kerry Edwards. Meanwhile on CNN Judy Woodruff seemed surprised when interviewing LA counter-terror chief John Miller. She was so focused on the political conventions that she could imagine a bigger picture. "LA is not a target, is it?" Miller was patient with her. He didn't scream into the camera, "YES you overpaid desk monkey. A thousand times YES. LA is a target and will continue to be a target for the rest of your life."

Does the Daily Show think that the Administration is making this up? Do people they think bin Laden is just going to go away? That he'll get jihad-fatigue and take a vacation? That Osama and Zawahiri are cowering at the bottom of a dank cave, twitching behind a damp rock like a pair of Arab Gollums? No, most certainly not. These are smart, capable, experienced people who have devoted their lives and the lives of their wives and children to fighting jihad against America. They run a global network of logistics, finance, and communications. They are dedicated and determined and will only cease fighting when they are dead. They are not stupid or crazy.

Zawarhiri in particular is far more capable and intelligent than the loathsome Michael Moore, the irritating Bill O'Reilly, the disappointing Al Franken, and that effeminate toady Aaron Brown combined. After Zawarihi was arrested and tortured by the Egyptian secret police, he didn't fade away or start a magazine or join an NGO. He left his family and his homeland and spent the rest of his life working tirelessly for the jihad. Born in a different time or place he might have been the dean of a medical school or CEO of a biotech startup or VP for R&D at a multinational pharmaceutical corporation. Bin Laden, while perhaps not as technically intelligent, is a charasmatic entrepreneur with high-level organizational and managerial skills. Do not underestimate them.

These men, and the level of leadership they oversee, don't have hobbies. They don't go to ballgames or movies (even Fahrenheit 9/11) or take their wives to nice restaurants. They are Islamist versions of Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky. When they wake up, they are thinking about the jihad. All day, everyday. Thinking, planning, organizing, researching, praying. The jihad is their lives. Of course they are directing an attack on us! That's what they do. A big attack takes years of planning and development. Even something like the Madrid attack is a complex undertaking. The al Qaeda leadership is guiding one or more groups, suggesting targets and funding others without getting into the details, and merely encouraging yet more groups. They are terror entrepreneurs, spreading their investments around, looking for that big payoff.

As far as I know, the al Qaeda leadership was not directly involved in the Madrid bombing, meaning that the leadership did not pick the target or deal with any of the operational details. I don't even think they funded the bombing. So from a leadership perspective that was a huge success. With encouragement and inspiration but minimal investment from the top, a quasi-independent cell delivered a traumatizing blow to the infidel. They have learned from that. The cells are already in the US. The encouragement and inspiration are widely dissiminated. This is a target rich nation. It's only a matter of time.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

UK Report: African Uranium Intel Justified, So Screw You

Instapundit links to this Financial Times story about the African uranium hubub. The report will be released next week but the advance word is a big middle finger to the Moore/Dowd/Naderites who have adopted the belief the Bush Lied with a religious fervor.
A UK government inquiry into the intelligence used to justify the war in Iraq is expected to conclude that Britain's spies were correct to say that Saddam Hussein's regime sought to buy uranium from Niger.... The Financial Times revealed last week that a key part of the UK's intelligence on the uranium came from a European intelligence service that undertook a three-year surveillance of an alleged clandestine uranium-smuggling operation of which Iraq was a part.
The report could certainly be wrong. But the point is that this is complex stuff and answers are not so cut and dry as the simple-minded critics would like them to be. The Iraq/Niger uranium claim appears to be reasonable and not at all fabricated.

I'm holding my breath waiting for the Bush Lied crowd to address this.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Michael Moore Suck Up Watch - The Daily Show

The Daily Show just spent 4 minutes blowing Moore. I hope he enjoyed it. TDS "profiled" Michael Wilson, the film maker who is doing a Roger & Me style documentary about Moore called "Michael Moore Hates America." Rather than treat Wilson with the same worshipful handjob they gave Moore (and which they repeat during this bit), they chose the easy, and less funny, way out. TDS ridiculed Wilson for his amatuerish, low-budget attempts to get an interview with Moore. This bit was 'hilarious' when Moore tried and failed to interview a famous millionaire CEO in Roger & Me but now that someone want to interview Moore, a famous millionaire CEO (of Dog Eat Dog Films), it's worthy of mockery. And unfunny mockery too. That's the real tragedy here. Mock whomever you want but make me fucking laugh or get off my tv, you snotnosed, elitist hacks.

Sad. The Daily Show used to be quite funny. They spared no one, took no prisoners and their only agenda was laughter. Over the last few months they have declined. Some of that is due to the departure of Stephen Corbert. He hasn't been on in a while and he was the best they had. But the real reason behind the decline of TDS is the shift in focus from an open season on all targets to a more partisan approach to comedy. This is always bad for comedy. Laughter has no agneda. As Seinfeld taught us, no hugs, no lessons.

Al Qaeda Leadership to be Captured During Dem Convention?

The New Republic thinks that this is the plan. According to the article the Bush Administration is pressuring the Pakistani government to capture or kill bin Laden, Ayman Al Zawahiri, and/or Mullah Mohammed Omar by the election. Not just that, the Bushies would prefer that these targets be captured during the Democratic convention at the end of this month. The entire story could very well be crap-o-la. The Bushies are using the Carrot, military equipment and a five-year, $3 billion aid package, and the Stick. Here's my favorite quote:
One Pakistani general recently in Washington confided in a journalist, "If we don't find these guys by the election, they are going to stick this whole nuclear mess up our asshole."
I don't give a damn what motivates the Administration or the Pakistanis to capture or kill these guys. Just freaking do it.

"Slavery plus genocide equals Sudan"

Good for these guys.
"About a dozen protesters gathered Wednesday at the Sudanese Embassy for what organizers said was the third week of daily demonstrations against government-sponsored atrocities by Arab militias against blacks in the Christian south and western Darfur regions of the African nation.

The demonstrations are organized by a coalition of civil rights groups calling itself Christian Solidarity International
More power to them. Keep it up.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

World Still Going to Shit. Spider-Man 2 Rocks!

Yes the world is still plunging into the crapper at record speed. Even as Iran gives the finger to Britain and the EU over its nukes, we catch Iranian agents in Iraq with explosives. This news comes on the same day that USA Today ran the headline "Foreign Detainees in Iraq are Few." Not that, holy shit! there we've caught foreign fighters in Iraq, but they are few. Numbnuts. But who's surprised, at either Iran or USA Today?

Greece is so far behind with Olympic construction that they will not have time to do a live test of the security system. I guess they'll test it when the Games begin.

Meanwhile 2 million French are living in ghettos seething with "anti-French feeling, racial hatred and the oppression of women."

We did manage to get 2 tons of radioactive material out of Iraq. This is good news. Of course it raises the question of how much more of this stuff is out there. My guess: lots.

But hey, SpiderMan 2 kicks ass. Go see it and forget about the decline of Western civilization for a few hours.