Monday, June 14, 2004

Saudi Revolution Watch - Kidnap, Kill, Repeat

More of the same in the Teetering Kingdom - one American killed and one kidnapped over the weekend. In their standard understated style, Reuters says the continuing abductions and assassinations by al Qaeda are "a new tactic to further its aim of toppling the monarchy." These attacks were "studied and pre-planned." Really? Do you think that, maybe, these terrorists are not thrill-seeking thugs with 'Born to Lose' tattoed on their chests? Maybe they are well-trained, disciplined operatives; part of an organization that shares resources and information with a large network of other terrorist organizations?

We in the States are used to the Unabomber or Timothy McVey type terrorist - the lone wolf or small band of marginal figures who are not connected to a larger system of such groups. We tend to think of terrorists as more like criminals (less than organized, not strategically oriented, isolated, emotionally unbalanced, motivated by greed or pathology) than like soliders (determined, trained, members of a hierarchy, part of a division of labor system, strategic planners motivated by a complex ideology).

It should not be news that al Qaeda planned these attacks. They are planning more right now.


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