Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Korean Still Alive

Can they talk their way out of this one? I guess there's a slim chance that he could yet survive, like the Japanese hostages held at knife point and threatened on video but later released.

Perhaps being Korean helps him. Islam never ruled eastern Asia and there is no historic Islamic animosity specifically toward people from that part of the world (unlike Jews, Christians, and Hindus who have been submitting to or resisting Islamic armies for centuries). Perhaps the jihadists view a Korean in a fundamentally different manner than they view Westerners or Hindus. Although Koreans are theoretically infidels, perhaps jihadists do not see them as implacable enemies of Islam, just people who not yet been subjugated. Perhaps the psychological gratification of murdering a Korean is simply less powerful than that of murdering a Crusader of a Jew.

But it seems that the trend recently has been toward more, not fewer, sadistic murders. Can the jihadists back down now, after so many others have been murdered? Do they believe that freeing him will make them look weak by comparison? Will releasing him hurt their recruiting efforts (who wants to just the Wussy Brigade?).

The longer he can stay alive the greater his chances of surviving the ordeal. Here’s hoping.


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