Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Islamists Behead Korean

It's just fucking terrible. I tried to be hopeful but all hope is gone now. Al-Jihad TV reports receiving a video of the decapitation. Kim was 33 years old and a Christian. They made him beg for his life, frightened and screaming he begged to live and they decapitated him and they filmed it.

How long will this continue before we allow ourselves to be angry? How many more people, our compatriots and our religious brothers, will the Islamists sacrifice to their bloodthirsty death-god before we demand are roused from our slumber? Why aren't we marching in the streets, screaming that this stop?

I know, I know, we are not the marching and screaming type. I can already hear the objections: 'What more can we do? These killers are villians and criminals. Who do you want us to attack? We can't blame all Muslims for the crimes of a few, no matter how terrible.' All the very rational, reasonable statements of the logical Western mind.

Why don't we start by assassinating the contact at Al-Jazeera? Why is that place still broadcasting? Why doesn't a mysterious bomb destroy its satellite dishes? Why aren't its reporters and producer hit by runaway cars? Why does the Hizbullah headquarters still stand in Lebanon? Why isn't it mysteriously blown up by who-knows-who? Why do we let Muslim clerics threaten us in the U.S. and Europe? Why aren't they run over, stabbed, hit by fucking lightning? Why don't they choke on a bone or die in their sleep or simply disappear from the face of the fucking earth?

We have confused our weakness with tolerance, our passivity with patience, our indifference with objectivity.

Poor man. How long until the video is broadcast? How many weak-minded recruits will sign up, inspired by the snuff film, longing to get their sweaty hands around a knife, eager to feel the adrenalin rush of murdering an infidel, to get a spiritual high from death? Three men in 6 weeks. Two men in one week. Not soldiers, not mercenaries, not political targets, just three men doing their jobs. And these soulless things sliced off their heads.

I curse them. A just God curses them. Hell waits for them.


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