Tuesday, June 15, 2004

'The Exodus Has Begun'

UPI has copies of internal Saudi Aramco emails about the situation in Saudi Arabia. "The exodus of ex-pats has begun." "The kingdom's ability to deliver (oil) will be impacted." But these oil executives, even under direct threat, are still deluding themselves. "Our assessment of the situation is that it is controllable."

The Financial Times confirms that corporations are pulling their people out of Saudi Arabia but are keeping it quiet to avoid creating trouble. Some jobs are being shifted to neighboring countries. Others are sending the families of employees home. "Royal Dutch Shell, BAE Systems, HSBC Holdings and Ericsson have all announced plans for dependants of staff to leave Saudi Arabia."

Both the United States and Britain are removing all but essential staff and advising against travel to the Kingdom. How long until even these people leave?


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