Thursday, June 24, 2004

Bomb in Turkey Near Bush's Hotel

Bush and the rest of the NATO leaders will be in Istanbul starting Saturday. Today, a bomb exploded in front of the hotel where Bush plans to stay. A policeman who noticed the bomb was severely injured when the explosion tore off his leg.

CNN reports that "About a half-dozen small "sound bombs" -- explosives designed primarily to make noise and not cause serious damage -- have exploded in Istanbul since last week." Although people have been injured by flying glass.

Are the terrorists practicing? Seeing how easily and how far they can penetrate security? Was this a warning? A miscalculation?

Earlier I speculated that of all the high-level meetings this summer, the NATO summit in Turkey may be the most dangerous. During the run up to this meeting there have been several bombings, including 4 bombing during Blair's visit in May. Bombs have been discovered at Istanbul area McDonalds.

This will be a long tense weekend. Bush and Blair will be at the NATO summit (don't forget that NATO is running the security/reconstruction effort in Afghanistan) in Turkey only days before Iraqi sovereignty is transferred to the new Iraqi government. I'll be surprised if all is smooth and quiet, especially in light of today's simultaneous attacks. Stay tuned.


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