Thursday, June 17, 2004

Backlash My Ass!

Ok now this is just fucking ridiculous. It comes from Al-Reuters so take it in the malicious spirit it is offered:

TUCKERTON, N.J. (Reuters) - Angry residents of the small New Jersey town that U.S. hostage Paul Johnson once called home on Wednesday predicted a racist backlash if Islamic militants in Saudi Arabia kill the American.

Americans have been getting murdered in Saudi Arabia for years and I am not aware of any "backlash" against "perceived to be of Arab background." Americans have been getting murdered in Arab countries for decades and i haven't seen the backlash. Moreover, Arabs have been murdering Americans outside of Arab countries for many years and yet, miraculously, the backlash never materialized.

Even after 9-11 when the nation saw thousands of their fellow citizens murdered on television, the backlash was one Sikh man, Balbir Singh Sodhi, murdered in Mesa, AZ. One man. And his killer, Frank Silva Roque, was tried and sentenced to death.

Let's review a brief and partial history of the America backlash to the murder of Americans by those who could be "perceived to be of Arab background".

10/23/1983: They bombed the US Embassy in Beirut and killed 17 Americans. No backlash.
06/14/1985: They hijack a TWA plane, forced it to land in Beirut and held the plane for 17 days. They shot Robert Dean Stethem, US Navy diver who happened to be on board, and dropped his body onto the tarmac. All on TV. No backlash.
10/07/1985: After Leon Klinghoffer was murdered on a freaking Italian cruise ship, the nightmarish America backlash took the frightening form of an opera.
12/21/1988: Libya blew up Pan Am 103 over Scotland, killing all 259 on board, many Americans, the dreaded American backlash took the unspeakable form of a 12 year lawsuit. A lawsuit. That was the backlash. They killed us and we sued them.

Why would there be a backlash now? There won't. The real questions is why does Reuters want us to worry about such nonsense?


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