Sunday, June 20, 2004

The Anger of the American Lawn

From a sign in the front lawn of a house in Paul Johnson's hometown.

"Last night my heart was filled with love and prayers, but today it is filled with hatred. Last night I was not a racist, but today I feel racism toward Islamic beliefs," the sign said. "Last night Islamics had a chance to speak up for Paul Johnson, but today it was too late," it also said. "Today Islamics better wake up and start thinking about tomorrow."

Analysts and pundits are always referring to the 'Arab Street', as in The Egyptian government must do this or can't do that for fear of angering the 'Arab Street.' Yet I've never read any similar sentiments about America.

Likewise Americans, especially one the left, like to ask 'Why do they hate us? Why are they so angry at us?' But no one ever asks the corresponding question about us. Maybe they should start. Maybe politicians in America should start worrying about the American Lawn or the American Porch or the American Sofa. Whichever metaphor you choose, it boils down to the same thing: people are fucking pissed at the swine who hack up our compatriots, Johnson, Berg, and Pearl, and the cultures that produce and defend them.

It's about time that Arabs and Muslims asked the question, 'Why are they attacking us? What have we done to generate such anger from the Americans?' For all the oppression that they feel, as horribly as they think we treat them, as angry as they are about the invasion of Iraq, don't they realize that we are restraining ourselves. We are holding back assholes! If we had the will to extinguish your society we could. If we were as angry and hate filled as you are then your culture would be a memory, an article in the encyclopedia, a museum exhibit, a handful of dust and nothing more.


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