Monday, May 17, 2004

WMD Update 2

I love Yahoo's understated healine - Sarin-Filled Munitions in Iraq Worry U.S. No shit! It's freaking nerve gas!

But I thought David Kay said that Iraq didn't have stockpiles of chemical weapons. "Kay, in a phone interview with The Associated Press, said he doubted the shell or the nerve agent came from a hidden stockpile, although he didn't rule out that possibility." Not from a hidden stockpile, then from where?

It was unclear whether those responsible for the attack knew it was a conventional or chemical round, the official said. The 155-mm shell did not have markings to indicate it contained a chemical agent, the official added.

Let's review that again. The shell did not have markings to indicate it contained a chemical agent. So, either there are an unknown number of unmarked shells mixed in with tens of thousands or millions of conventional shells and these Baathist thugs just happened to stumble on one, or they know how to identify them and planted this one on purpose.

Then there's this classic piece of AP prose. "The existence of a sarin-filled munition thus could become the first indication that Saddam's regime had not destroyed all banned weapons." I like the "could". Under this logic the pictures from Abu Grieb could become the first indication of prisoner mistreatment.


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