Monday, May 17, 2004

"Why can't you watch this?" asks 14 year old

Three teachers suspended over execution images Why not indeed?

One teacher played an audio tape and showed still photos of Berg's decapitation. Another permitted students to view the video on a computer. The third gave the students the Web address where they could watch it, presumably after school. He was put on leave.

This is why I'm not a teacher. We can't show high-school students who we are fighting. We can't show them the nature of our enemy. We can show them horrible car accidents in drivers' ed class. They can watch historic violence from past generations, WWII films and Holocaust footage, but God forbid! they would see an American only a few years older than themselves murdered last week because, well, just because. These actions may have "violated policies barring the display of unsuitable material in the classroom."


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