Thursday, May 13, 2004

Wars for Oil

Iraq was definitely a war for oil. I remember the signs, "No blood for oil". No wait, I'm getting it mixed up with the war in Afghanistan. That was a war for oil. Hold it, they were both wars for oil. Man, this is getting confusing. Wasn't the war in Kosovo a war for oil? I get that confused with the NATO troops who are in Macedonia for the oil. And the invasion of Somalia, that was for oil. Don't forget the first Gulf War, also for oil. Ok, so after a decade of wars for oil, it must be, like, cheap? Plus, the Saudis made that not-so-secret deal with 'oil barons' Bush and Cheney to keep prices down during the election year. So oil's like, a nickel a gallon. Right?

Holy shit! Oil's not cheap. Oil prices hit a record today. Dude! somebody lied to me. When I find that guy...


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