Saturday, May 29, 2004

Saudi Update 2 - Saudi Revolution Watch

Middle East Online reports the al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the attacks in Khobar.
"The heroic mujahedeen in the Jerusalem Squad were able, by the grace of God, to raid the locations of American companies ... specializing in oil and exploration activities and which are plundering the Muslims' resources, on Saturday morning," said the statement signed by "the Al-Qaeda Organization in the Arabian Peninsula. They have so far managed to kill or wound a number of crusaders, God's enemies. We will give details later, naming the heroes of our blessed squad," it said.
This came after an earlier statement claiming "an urban guerrilla war of assassinations, kidnappings and bombings."

With that we're starting the Saudi Revolution Watch, an ongoing series of posts tracking the collaspe of the Saudi regime. I'd start a pool but it's probably illegal to place bets on the overthrow of a so-called American ally. Let's start by clarifying the situation.

King Faud, the figurehead ruler of the Kingdom, is the 83-year-old son of the founder of Saudi Arabia. He had a stroke several years ago and is now incapacitated. However, as long as he is alive the Kingdom can avoid a costly power struggle among those who would be king. He has three living brothers.

Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz, Crown Prince and First Deputy Premier, is 80. Prince Sultan, Minister of Defence and Second Deputy Premier, is 76 (and the father of the Ambassador to the US, Prince Bandar). Prince Nayef, Minister of Interior (read internal security), is a spry 70. Together these three men run the country. How long can that go on? (order your Prius now - there's a 10 month waiting list.)

In April a car bomb outside a police headquarters kill 148. On May 1, gunmen attacked an office of ABB killing 5 Westerners (2 Americans). Now today there are at least 6 dead. Will the Saudi regime last the year? Will it last until the next presidental election in 2008? Will it last the decade when the (living) brothers Saud will be pushing 90? (no betting please)


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